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Editor letter

Biocomposites in the Past and in the Future

Authors: Błędzki Andrzej K., Błędzki Andrzej K., Jaszkiewicz Adam, Urbaniak Magdalena, Urbaniak Magdalena, Stankowska-Walczak Dobrosława

Due to the increasing environmental awareness nowadays biocomposites are becoming as important and prevalent materials as they were centuries ago. The development of high-performance engineering products made from natural resources is increasing worldwide. Natural fibre composites have become more...   more »

full text | Pages 15–22

Research and development

Antibacterial Chitosan Fibres Containing Silver Nanoparticles

Authors: Wawro Dariusz, Stęplewski Włodzimierz, Dymel Marzena, Sobczak Serafina, Skrzetuska Ewa, Puchalski Michał, Krucińska Izabella

A method was developed for the preparation of chitosan staple fibres containing silver nanoparticles. An aqueous colloidal solution of PVA-encapsulated metallic silver with a particle size of 50-60 nm was admixed to the chitosan-containing spinning solution. From the mixed...   more »

full text | Pages 24–31

Collagen-Modified Chitosan Fibres Intended for Scaffolds

Authors: Wawro Dariusz, Stęplewski Włodzimierz, Brzoza-Malczewska Kinga, Święszkowski Wojciech

A method is presented for the preparation of collagen-modified chitosan fibres (Chit/Col) from chitosan-collagen solutions. The fibres may be used in the construction of scaffolds. Chitosan solutions with a concentration of 5.21% in an aqueous 3.0% acetic acid...   more »

full text | Pages 32–39

Research into Isolation of Cellulose Microand Nanofibres from Hemp Straw Using Cellulolytic Complex from Aspergillus niger

Authors: Kazimierczak Janusz, Bloda Arkadiusz, Wietecha Justyna, Ciechańska Danuta, Antczak Tadeusz

Cellulose micro- and nanofibers were produced on a base of pulp obtained as a result of thermal-mechanical and chemical pretreatment of hemp straw. Isolation of micro-and nanofibres was carried out using the enzymatic treatment with the use of...   more »

full text | Pages 40–43

Electrospinning of Aligned Fibrous Materials on an Inner Rapidly Rotating Cone Surface

Authors: Tomaszewski Wacław, Kudra Michał, Ciechańska Danuta, Szadkowski Marek, Gutowska Agnieszka

The paper presents a new way for producing fibrous mats with aligned micro- and nanofibres by electrospinning technique using a fast rotating filter basket of a properly adapted commercial centrifugal juicer as the collecting electrode. This method was...   more »

full text | Pages 44–51

Cellulose Microfibres Electrospun and Melt-blown from NNMO Solutions

Authors: Tomaszewski Wacław, Kudra Michał, Szadkowski Marek

Electrospinning and melt-blown techniques were harnessed to the investigation into the preparation of textile materials of thin cellulose fibres. The spinning was performed by using spinning solutions with cellulose concentration of 3wt% and 6 wt% in N-methylmorpholine-N-oxide (NMMO)....   more »

full text | Pages 52–57

Influence of Drawing Parameters on the Properties of Melt Spun Poly(Lactic Acid) Fibres

Authors: Twarowska-Schmidt Krystyna

The object of the investigation were fibres prepared from PLA type 6201D (NatureWorks LLC) in a classical two-step technological system comprising spinning at a speed below 1250 m/min and drawing. The model drawing processes were considered in which...   more »

full text | Pages 58–63

Nonwoven with Thermal Storage Properties Based on Paraffin –
Modified Polypropylene Fibres.

Authors: Tomaszewski Wacław, Twarowska-Schmidt Krystyna, Moraczewski Andrzej, Kudra Michał, Szadkowski Marek, Pałys Beata

A series of nonwovens with various mechanical and thermal properties was prepared by a textile technique based on melt-spun continuous PP fibres modified with paraffin as a phase change material (PCM). The PCM is not encapsulated; it forms...   more »

full text | Pages 64–69

Investigations into the Impact of the Processing Temperature on the Properties of Spun-Bonded Nonwovens Manufactured from PBSA

Authors: Lichocik Małgorzata, Krucińska Izabella, Ciechańska Danuta, Puchalski Michał

This article presents the influence of the formation temperature of nonwovens from biodegradable aliphatic polyesters (trade name Bionolle) on their structure and mechanical properties. Nonwovens were produced by spun-bonded technique at a laboratory installation at IBWCh, changing one of...   more »

full text | Pages 70–76

Biodegradable Particle Filtering Half Masks for Respiratory Protection

Authors: Krucińska Izabella, Strzembosz Wiktor, Majchrzycka Katarzyna, Brochocka Agnieszka, Sulak Konrad

This article presents the results of research on developing a multi-layer particle filtering half-mask made from biodegradable nonwovens for protection against harmful aerosols. Currently, these half-masks are made from polypropylene (PP), which is a problem in the context of...   more »

full text | Pages 77–83

Method to Produce Biodegradable Aliphatic- Aromatic Co-Polyesters
with Improved Colour

Authors: Dutkiewicz Sławomir, Wesołowski Jacek, Chojnacki Dawid, Ciechańska Danuta

A family of biodegradable aliphatic-aromatic co-polyesters (BAAC) was prepared by polycondensation in the melt. The synthesis was carried out with the addition of a small amount of alkaline metals salts which produced the effect of a distinctly improved...   more »

full text | Pages 84–88

Effects of the Artificial Weathering of Biodegradable Spun-Bonded PLA Nonwovens in Respect to their Application in Agriculture

Authors: Sztajnowski Sławomir , Krucińska Izabella, Sulak Konrad, Puchalski Michał, Wrzosek Henryk, Bilska Jadwiga

The structural changes and mechanical properties of spun-bonded polylactide (PLA) nonwovens resulting from artificial weathering were analyzed in respect to their application in agriculture. The spun-bonded nonwovens were stabilized on a calender at various temperatures ranging from 60 to...   more »

full text | Pages 89–95

Chicken Feather-Containing Composite Non-Wovens with Barrier Properties

Authors: Wrześniewska-Tosik Krystyna, Szadkowski Marek, Marcinkowska Marzanna, Pałczyńska Michalina

The present study evaluated a method to prepare hydrophobic composite non-wovens containing chicken feathers and synthetic fibres (PES, PP). Such non-wovens can be made in aqueous medium using a paper-making method. The raw material (poultry feathers) is abundantly available...   more »

full text | Pages 96–100

Mats for Removing Technical Oil Contamination

Authors: Wrześniewska-Tosik Krystyna, Marchut-Mikołajczyk Olga, Mik Tomasz, Wieczorek Dorota, Pałczyńska Michalina

The aim of the investigation was to design and prepare a fibrous mat containing chicken feathers as an active filling to absorb spills of petroleum derivatives. The fibrous mat used to remove petroleum contamination consists of an active...   more »

full text | Pages 101–106

Surface Biomodification of Surgical Meshes Intended for Hernia Repair

Authors: Ciechańska Danuta, Kazimierczak Janusz, Wietecha Justyna, Rom Monika

The article presents a method of producing a composite surgical mesh. A synthetic, macroporous mesh with mechanical properties similar to that of the abdominal wall and with reduced surface density compared to conventional surgical meshes was made of...   more »

full text | Pages 107–114

Developing a Model of Peripheral Nerve Graft Based on Natural Polymers

Authors: Kucharska Magdalena, Niekraszewicz Antoni, Kardas Iwona, Marcol Wiesław, Larysz-Brysz Magdalena, Lewin-Kowalik Joanna

Presented are the results of investigations into the preparation of a peripheral nerve prosthesis. The prosthesis is built up of a multichannel core having a diameter of 2 to 5 mm. The core prepared by freeze drying is...   more »

full text | Pages 115–120

Accelerated Ageing of the Implantable, Ultra-Light, Knitted Medical Devices Modified by Low-Temperature Plasma Treatment – Part 1. Effects on the Physical Behaviour

Authors: Struszczyk Marcin H., Gutowska Agnieszka, Pałys Beata, Cichecka Magdalena, Kostanek Krzysztof, Wilbik-Hałgas Bożena, Kowalski Krzysztof, Kopias Kazimierz, Krucińska Izabella

The aim of the research was to validate the effects of accelerated ageing on the physical properties of newly-designed ultra-light three dimensional (3-D) knitted implants undergoing one-sided modification by low-temperature plasma treatment using low molecular weight fluoroorganic donors. The...   more »

full text | Pages 121–127

Aspects of Chemical Characterisation of Leachables Profile from Ultra-Light Knitting Textiles for Uses as Medical Implants in Urogynaecology and General Surgery

Authors: Jóźwicka Jolanta, Gzyra-Jagieła Karolina, Struszczyk Marcin H., Gutowska Agnieszka, Ciechańska Danuta, Krucińska Izabella

Ultra-light textiles (knitwear) designed as implantable medical devices for potential uses in urogynaecology (treatment procedures in women incontinence and vagina reconstructions) and general surgery (hernia treatments) are a response to the increasing demand for advanced medical devices in medicine....   more »

full text | Pages 128–134

Chemical Purity of PLA Fibres for Medical Devices

Authors: Jóźwicka Jolanta, Gzyra-Jagieła Karolina, Gutowska Agnieszka, Twarowska-Schmidt Krystyna, Ciepliński Maciej

The chemical purity of biodegradable poly(D,L-lactide) (PLA) fibres finished with various finishing agents was examined. Chemical purity parameters of aqueous extracts of the fibres were assessed, including turbidity, the content of sulphate and chloride ions, the content of water-dissolvable...   more »

full text | Pages 135–141

Prototypes of Primary Wound Dressing of Fibrous and Quasi-Fibrous Structure in Terms of Safety of Their Usage

Authors: Kucharska Magdalena, Struszczyk Marcin H., Cichecka Magdalena, Brzoza-Malczewska Kinga, Wiśniewska-Wrona Maria

The subject of this paper is the evaluation of the critical usability parameters and the parameters characterising the safety of selected prototypes of dressing materials on featuring fibrous, quasi-fibre and hybrid structures, developed at the Institute of Biopolymers...   more »

full text | Pages 142–148

Study on the Usability of Polymer Complexes in the Form of Films Applied in Bedsore Treatments

Authors: Wiśniewska-Wrona Maria, Pałys Beata, Bodek Kazimiera Henryka

Investigations are presented regarding the preparation of a complex dressing material on the basis of three biopolymers: chitosan, sodium alginate and sodium-calcium alginate with the addition of an analgesic. The dressing was prepared in the form of a...   more »

full text | Pages 149–153

Research in the Supermolecular Structure and Morphology of Chitosan Applied in the Preparation of Dressing Nonwovens

Authors: Brzoza-Malczewska Kinga, Janicki Jarosław, Ślusarczyk Czesław, Biniaś Włodzimierz, Malczewski Grzegorz

Results of research in the preparation of nonwovens containing chitosan salts used as a binding agent are presented. The supermolecular structure of chitosan salts was assessed by the use of wide angle X-ray scattering (WAXS). The crystallinity degree...   more »

full text | Pages 154–159

Extracting Galactoglucomannans (GGMs) from Polish Softwood Varieties

Authors: Kopania Ewa, Milczarek Sławomir, Bloda Arkadiusz, Wietecha Justyna, Wawro Dariusz

The article presents a method of extracting galactoglucomannans from conifers: spruce and larch. Galactoglucomannans (GGMs) were extracted from shavings of Polish varieties of spruce and larch, using thermal and enzymatic treatment in an aqueous environment. The composition of the...   more »

full text | Pages 160–166

Studies on Isolation of Cellulose Fibres from Waste Plant Biomass

Authors: Kopania Ewa, Wietecha Justyna, Ciechańska Danuta

This paper presents the results of cellulose fibre extraction from plant biomass including: rape, hemp and flax straws. The selected materials were treated by thermal/mechanical/chemical method in order to remove non-cellulosic components such as lignin, hemicellulose, and pectin...   more »

full text | Pages 167–172

Properties and Possible Utilization of Waste Generated in the Production of Fibrous Pulp and Paper

Authors: Janiga Michał, Michniewicz Małgorzata, Stufka-Olczyk Jadwiga

A considerable amount of waste biomass is generated in the pulp and paper industry which, in the case of landfilling poses a serious burden to the environment. The waste can be utilized as raw material in the production...   more »

full text | Pages 173–178

Impact of PBSA (Bionolle) Biodegradation Products on the Soil Microbiological Structure

Authors: Lichocik Małgorzata, Owczarek Monika, Miros Patrycja, Guzińska Krystyna, Gutowska Agnieszka, Ciechańska Danuta, Krucińska Izabella, Siwek Piotr

An impact of the decomposition products of Poly(butylene succinate adipate) (PBSA) (Bionolle#3001) in the form of polymer chips and nonwovens made of the polymer upon the qualitative and quantitative microbiological profile of the soil in which samples of...   more »

full text | Pages 179–185

Investigation in the Microbiological Purity of Paper and Board Packaging Intended for Contact with Food

Authors: Guzińska Krystyna, Owczarek Monika, Dymel Marzena

Paper is one of the main materials in the manufacture of packaging for contact with food. Microbes that are present in the paper or board may penetrate into the food- health hazard for the consumers. Consistent and unified...   more »

full text | Pages 186–190

Ozone Degradation of Lignin; its Impact Upon the Subsequent Biodegradation

Authors: Michniewicz Małgorzata, Stufka-Olczyk Jadwiga, Milczarek Anna

The possible use of ozone and advanced oxidation processes (AOP) to degrade and eliminate lignin compounds from aqueous solutions, and the determination of the required ozone dose are the primary objectives of this study. The influence of the...   more »

full text | Pages 191–196


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