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Information for Authors


1. Submission of a manuscript
2. General style and layout
3. Reviewing procedure


1.     Submission of a manuscript

1.1.       Subject area. The papers should concern problems of the science of fibre-grade polymers, biopolymers, fibres, textiles, and fibrous products including paper-pulp and paper, problems associated with investigation into the production and application of the above-mentioned products, as well as with the economics of fibres and textiles, and the fibre & textile world market.

1.2.       Submission of a manuscript should be addressed to the Editorial Office via e-mail (infor@ibwch.lodz.pl), the paper should be written in English and sent to us as a Word document.

1.3.       Copyright Transfer Agreement must be signed and returned to our Editorial Office by mail, fax or e-mail as soon as possible, after the preliminary acceptance of the manuscript. By signing this agreement, the authors warrant that the entire work is original and unpublished, it is submitted only to this Journal and all the text, data, Figures and Tables included in this work are original and unpublished, and have not been previously published or submitted elsewhere in any form.  Please note that the reviewing process begins as soon as we receive this document. In the case when the paper has already been presented at a con­fe­ren­ce, it can be published in our journal only if it has not been published in a generally available conference materials; in such case, it is necessary to give an appropriate statement placed in Editorial Notes at the end of the article.

Copyright Transfer Agreement

Copyright Transfer Agreement (polish version)

 Payer Information


2.     General style and layout.

2.1.       Volume of a manuscript submitted should not exceed 11 standard journal pages (6300 cha­rac­ters/page), including tables, figures and pho­to­gra­phs. The editors reserve the right to shorten the article if necessary as well as to alter the titles.

2.2         Title of a manuscript should not exceed 120 characters.

2.3         Full names and surnames of the authors,as well as full names of the authors’ affiliation – faculty, department, university, institute, company, town and country should be clearly given. Corresponding author should be indicated, and their e-mail address provided.

2.4         Abstract of a manuscript should be no longer than 150 words.

2.5         Key-words should be within 4-6 items.

2.6         For papers translated from Polish, the authors are requested to submit a copy with a title, abstract and key words in Polish.

2.7         SI units should be used throughout.

2.8         Abbreviations should be used according to IUPAC and ISO standards and defined when first used.

2.9         Figures and illustrations with a title and legend should be numbered consecutively (with Arabic numerals) and must be referred in the text. Photographs should be numbered as Figures. Additionally, Figures should be supplied as a separate file saved as PDF, JPG or TIF at 300 dpi minimum. Type size in the description of axes should be proportional to the size of the Figure. All Figures must be send in editable form.

2.10     Tables with a title and optional legend should be numbered consecutively and must be referred in the text.

2.11     Acknowledgements may be included and should be placed after Conclusions and before References.

2.12     Footnotes should be avoided. When their use is absolutely necessary, they should be numbered consecutively using Arabic numerals and appended at the end of the manuscript.

2.13     References should be cited consecutively in order of appearance in the text, using numbers in square brackets, according to the Vancouver system


3.     Reviewing procedure.

The reviewing procedure for FIBRES & TEXTILES in Eastern Europe journal is in accordance with the guidelines of the Ministry of Science and Higher Education and can be presented as follows:

3.1       Each paper submitted for publication is reviewed by at least two independent reviewers working in an institution different than the authors’ affiliation. The identity of the author/authors is concealed from the reviewers and vice versa (double-blind review). In the case of controversial opinions of the reviewers, next reviewers are selected.

3.2       A written review includes a clear conclusion of the article reviewed, concerning the conditions which must be fulfilled in order to publish the article in FIBRES & TEXTILES in Eastern Europe or a statement rejecting the article.

3.3       Correspondenting author receives a set of reviews and next, following the reviewing procedure, is obliged to correct the paper according to the reviewers’ remarks or express his/her own opinion in writing.  

3.4       The corrected article and authors’ attitude are checked by the editors or by the same reviewers in case of any doubts. The final decision regarding the publication of the article is taken by the Editor-in-Chief or, in extraordinary cases, by the Chairman of the Scientific Board. If necessary, the authors are informed about the decision by e-mail.

3.5       The identity of the reviewers of the particular articles is not given to public information.

3.6       Reviewing questionnaire



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