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Editor letter
General problems of the fibre and textile industries

Customer Behaviours towards Co-Branded Products of the Textile Industry

Authors: Grębosz Magdalena, Otto Jacek

Companies from the textile sector seek new methods of market expansion and increasing brand value. These methods include brand extension, brand licensing, acquisition of patent rights and co-branding, that is the strategy of double branding products when two...   more »

full text | Pages 13–18

Safety and Labelling Requirements for Textile Products - Design and Use Aspects

Authors: Kosińska Barbara, Czerwiński Krzysztof, Struszczyk Marcin H.

This article presents an analysis of changes that have occurred in recent times in legislation relating to the safety and labelling of textile products in connection with the coming into force of harmonised Community regulations relating to products...   more »

full text | Pages 19–24

Research and development

Chemical Composition, Morphology and Tensile Properties of Spanish Broom (Spartium junceum L.) Fibres in Comparison with Flax (Linum usitatissimum L.)

Authors: Cerchiara Teresa, Chidichimo Giuseppe, Rondi Giorgio, Gallucci Maria Caterina, Gattuso Caterina, Luppi Barbara, Bigucci Federica

Flax has been usually used to produce natural cellulose fibres with properties suitable for composite, textile, and other high-value fibrous applications. Spanish Broom, extracted by a physical-chemical process, is a source of cellulose fibres that can be used,...   more »

full text | Pages 25–28

Galactoglucomannans (GGMs) Extracted from Spruce Sawdust for Medical Applications

Authors: Kopania Ewa, Wiśniewska-Wrona Maria, Wietecha Justyna

The article presents a method of extracting galactoglucomannas (GGMs) from softwood (spruce). GGMs were extracted using thermal and enzymatic treatment in an aqueous environment. The GGMs extracted, depending on the extraction method, were characterized by different compositions of simple...   more »

full text | Pages 29–34

Surface Properties of Plasma-Modified Poly(vinylidene fluoride) and Poly(vinyl chloride) Nanofibres

Authors: Krupa Andrzej, Sobczyk Arkadiusz Tomasz, Jaworek Anatol

The paper presents electrospinning technology used for the production of polymer nanofi- brous mats. Surface properties of polymer nanofibrous mats electrospun from poly (vinylidene fluoride) (PVDF) and poly (vinyl chloride) (PVC), and modified in dielectric barrier discharge (DBD) are...   more »

full text | Pages 35–39

Effect of Some Variables on the Fibre Packing Pattern in a Yarn Cross-section for Vortex Spun Yarn

Authors: Zou ZhuanYong, Zou ZhuanYong, Zheng ShaoMing , Zheng ShaoMing , Cheng Long-Di , Xi Bojun, Yao Jiangwei

This paper examined the influence of various parameters such as fibre fineness, yarn count, distance from the front roller nip point to the hollow spindle, nozzle pressure and yarn delivery speed on the fibre packing pattern...   more »

full text | Pages 40–46

New Funnel Shaped Nozzle for Evaluation of the Mechanical Properties of Woven Fabric by the Extraction Method

Authors: Dehghan-Manshadi N., Alamdar-Yazdi A., Bidoki S. M.

Current methods of mechanical property evaluation of fabrics such as the KESF and FAST systems employ several testing devices for measuring tensile, shearing and bending characteristics separately. In this research a new facile and efficient extraction...   more »

full text | Pages 47–52

Automatic Identification of Jacquard Warp-knitted Fabric Patterns Based on the Wavelet Transform

Authors: Jiang Gaoming, Zhang Dan, Cong Honglian, Zhang AiLian, Gao Zhe

In view of the fact that the design of jacquard warp knitting patterns is time-consuming, this paper proposes a rapid segmentation method to divide the multi-textural regions of jacquard warp-knitted fabric which could be used for...   more »

full text | Pages 53–56

Determination of the Elastic Constants of Plain Woven Fabrics by a Tensile Test in Various Directions

Authors: Penava Željko, Šimić Penava Diana, Knezic Željko

In this paper the values of elastic constants of woven fabrics for different angles of extension direction were analysed. Four types of fabric samples of different raw material composition and the same type of weave were...   more »

full text | Pages 57–63

FEATS-1, a Novel System for Objective Measurement of Fabric Surface Roughness

Authors: Fathi Khalf-badam S., Najar Saeed Shaikhzadeh, Najarian S., Rezaei A. H.

The main aim of this paper is to propose a novel method of objectively evaluating the roughness and smoothness of fabrics. For emulating human hand maneuver in the evaluation of fabric hand, a tester apparatus, FEATS-1,...   more »

| Pages 64–68

History, Technology, and Treatment of a Painted Silk Folding Screen Belonging to the Palace-Museum of Golestan in Iran

Authors: Kakoauei Mina, Kakouei Ezbarami Mahshid, Kumaran Subermanian

This study aimed to design and establish effective methods of conserving and restoring a double-sided silk folding screen in the Golestan museum of Iran. We examined the structure, techniques, pigments, silk type and extent of degradation...   more »

full text | Pages 69–75

Resonance Vibrations of an Elastic System Supported on a Textile Layer

Authors: Zajączkowski Jerzy

The vibrations of a flexible system resting on a layer of fibres are investigated in this paper. A mathematical model of the system excited by an electromagnet supplied with an alternating current is formulated. Two resonance...   more »

full text | Pages 76–79

Method of Separating Fabric from a Stack – Part 2

Authors: Stasik Kinga

A mathematical model of the gripper mechanism with an electric drive, characterised by an increased work surface is presented in the paper. Equations describing the kinematic and dynamic characteristics have been formulated for this model. The...   more »

full text | Pages 79–83

Influence of Silver Coated Yarn Distribution on Electrical and Shielding Properties of Flax Woven Fabrics

Authors: Baltušnikaite Julija, Varnaitė-Žuravliova Sandra, Rubežienė Vitalija, Rimkutė Regina, Verbienė Rasa

The aim of the research was to investigate the influence of silver coated yarns incorporated into fabric on the electrical and shielding properties of textile materials designed to ensure protection against the risk of harmful electromagnetic...   more »

full text | Pages 84–90

Photocatalytic Self-cleaning Synergism Optimization of Cotton Fabric using Nano SrTiO3 and Nano TiO2

Authors: Zohoori Salar, Karimi Loghman, Nazari Ali

Titanium dioxide (TiO2) and Strontium titanate (SrTiO3) are well-known photocatalysts. Today, the photocatalytic activity of dyes on fabrics has attracted much attention. Therefore in this study the photocatalytic activity of nano strontium titanate mixed with nano...   more »

full text | Pages 91–95

Development of a Polymeric Composition for Antimicrobial Finish of Cotton Fabrics

Authors: Burkitbay Assemgul, Raimovna Taussarova Bizhamal, Zhumatayevna Kutzhanova Aiken, Maratovna Rakhimova Saule

This article considers the development of a new polymeric composition on the basis of polyvinyl pyrrolidone, silver ion solution and benzoic acid for the antimicrobial finishing of cotton fabrics. The advantages of the application of a...   more »

full text | Pages 96–101

Resistance of Bacillus Amyloliquefaciens Spores to Melt Extrusion Process Conditions

Authors: Ciera Lucy, Beladjal Lynda, Almeras Xavier, Gheysens Tom, Nierstrasz Vincent, Van Langenhove Lieva, Mertens Johan

With the increasing demand for functionalised textile materials, industry is focusing on research that will add novel properties to textiles. Bioactive compounds and their benefits have been and are still considered as a possible source of...   more »

full text | Pages 102–107

Accelerated Ageing of Newsprint Paper: Changes in Swelling Ability, WRV and Electrokinetic Properties of Fibres

Authors: Jablonský Michal, Botková Martina, Šutý Štefan, Šmatko Lukáš, Šima Jozef

The present paper deals with the effect of accelerated ageing on the ability of fibres to undergo saturation with water and the corresponding swelling kinetics. Changes in the surface charge of aged paper fibres were also...   more »

full text | Pages 108–113

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