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New Funnel Shaped Nozzle for Evaluation of the Mechanical Properties of Woven Fabric by the Extraction Method

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Current methods of mechanical property evaluation of fabrics such as the KESF and FAST systems employ several testing devices for measuring tensile, shearing and bending characteristics separately. In this research a new facile and efficient extraction method for simultaneous estimation of different mechanical properties using a funnel-shape nozzle is introduced. The tensile, shearing and bending properties of 84 woven fabric samples were measured using standard methods and subsequently circular specimens of these fabrics were extracted through the funnel shaped nozzle. Sixteen different parameters were graphically selected from the force-displacement curves obtained, and the correlation between these parameters with the experimental mechanical properties was calculated. Finally stepwise multiple linear regression analysis was applied to acquire the best equation for predicting the mechanical properties of the fabrics. Our findings revealed that the shear stiffness and tensile strength can be objectively evaluated by measuring the initial slope (S1) and maximum load (Pmax) on the load-displacement curve. The maximum load in the 4th zone (Fmax) of the graph was introduced as an objective measure of the bending rigidity and tensile module in the warp direction. The area of curve (A) can be used for objective evaluation of bending rigidity in the weft and bias directions.


extraction method, force–displacement curve, mechanical properties, woven


Dehghan-Manshadi N, Alamdar-Yazdi A, Bidoki SM. New Funnel Shaped Nozzle for Evaluation of the Mechanical Properties of Woven Fabric by the Extraction Method. FIBRES & TEXTILES in Eastern Europe 2014, Vol. 22, No. 2(104): 47-52.

Published in issue no 2 (104) / 2014, pages 47–52.


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