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General problems of the fibre and textile industries

Electronic Commerce and Business in the Polish Textile and Clothing Sector

Authors: Czajkowski Tomasz

The aim of this article is to present the results of the author’s own research on electronic commerce and electronic business utilisation, carried out amongst Polish enterprises from the textile and clothing sector. The most important...   more »

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Research and development

Comparative Study of the Degumming of Mulberry, Muga, Tasar and Ericream Silk

Authors: Teli Mangesh D., Rane Vaishali M.

The degumming of Mulberry, Muga, Tasar and Ericream silk substrates was investigated and compared. Experiments were carried out according to the Box-Behnken response surface design. On the basis of weight loss, absorbency, bending length, breaking load,...   more »

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Synthesis of Polyaniline in Carbonated Water in the Form of Nanofibre

Authors: Goto Hiromasa

The polymerisation of aniline was conducted in carbonated water in the presence of ammonium persulphate (APS) as an oxidizer. Infrared (IR) absorption spectroscopy was used to confirm the chemical structure of polyaniline (PANI) thus prepared in...   more »

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Functionalisation of Polypropylene. Part I. Mechanical, Electric and Sorptive Properties of PP Fibres Modified with Concentrates Consisting of Copolyamides and Nanoclay

Authors: Kristofič Michal, Vassová Iveta, Ujhelyiová Anna, Ryba Jozef

Concentrates of copolyamides consisting of copolyamide e-caprolactam + nylon salt of adipic acid and diethylenetriamine and nylon salt of 1-(2-aminoethyl) piperazine and adipic acid) and the nanoadditive Bentonite were prepared, characterised and used for the preparation...   more »

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Improving the Quality of Combed Yarn Spun by OE Rotor Spinning Using the Grey-Taguchi Method

Authors: Su Te-Li, Chen Hua-Wei , Ma Chih-Ming, Lu Chieh-Fu

Open-end (OE) rotor spinning is a high-productive-efficiency as well as a space and energy saving method of producing combed yarns with better evenness, regularity and abrasion resistance, as well as a brighter shade and sharpness. However,...   more »

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Evaluation of a Manufacturing Technique of Polyamide Bamboo Charcoal/ Polyurethane Complex Yarns and Knitted Fabrics and Assessment of their Electric Surface Resistivity

Authors: Lin Chin Mei, Huang Chao Chiung, Lou Ching-Wen, Chen An Pang, Lion Shou En, Lin Jia-Horng, Lin Jia-Horng

In this research, bamboo charcoal polyamide / polyurethane (BCP/PU) complex yarns and knitted fabrics were produced from bamboo charcoal polyamide textured yarn and polyurethane fibres. The polyurethane fibres were expanded and then wrapped with the bamboo...   more »

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Development of Weave Code Technology for Textile Products

Authors: Xin Binjie, Xin Binjie, Hu Jinlian, Baciu George, Yu Xiaobo

The nature of the binary interlacing structure endows woven fabric with the ability of information coding. In this paper, we introduce the fundamental concepts and principles of weave code technology. Its potential applications in the fashion...   more »

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Investigating the Performance of Various Relaxation Processes on the Surface Regularity and Dimensional Properties of Plain Knitted Fabrics Using the Image Processing Techniquene

Authors: Sanjari Hamid Reza, Semnani Dariush, Sheikhzadeh Mohammad

The main objective of this paper was to develop a more advanced finishing treatment for the stitch shape regularity and dimensional properties of knitted fabrics. In our previous work, we presented a novel definition of knitted...   more »

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Textronic Contact Junction

Authors: Zięba Janusz, Frydrysiak Michał

An important problem of the textronic application of a textronic contact junction is connecting electronic systems to textile sensors, actuators or power supply systems. This paper presents a special construction of a textronic contac junction. This...   more »

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Lockstitch Tightening Model with Mechanical and Thermal Loads

Authors: Korycki Ryszard, Krasowska Renata

Both physical and mathematical models of lockstitch tightening are determined. The basic dynamical equation is a second-order differential correlation with respect to time; the forces applied are analysed and defined. The supplemented correlations are formulated by...   more »

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Ageing Simulation of Fabrics Destined for Protective Clothing

Authors: Łężak Krzysztof, Frydrych Iwona

The aim of the research was the elaboration of measurement methodology for establishing textile material resistance to atmospheric factors simulated by the Xenotest, specifically artificial weather or without rain. The ageing test was carried out on...   more »

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Effect of Accelerated Ageing Conditions on the Protective Properties of Anti-Blow Products

Authors: Fortuniak Krystyna, Redlich Grażyna, Landwijt Marcin

This article presents research on protective packets of anti-blow vests in use among law enforcement services of the Polish Police. Basic information on the ageing process of polymer plastics are given. The types of ageing are...   more »

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Assessment of Textiles for Use in Operating Theatres with Respect to the Thermal Comfort of Surgeons

Authors: Bogdan Anna, Sudoł-Szopińska Iwona, Szopiński Tomasz

Materials used to manufacture surgical clothing ensembles are characterised by high barrierproperties protecting surgeons and patients against germs. However, medical clothing made of those materials should not induce thermal stress. Such an uncomfortable sensation experienced by...   more »

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Synthesis of Zinc Oxide in an Emulsion System and its Deposition on PES Nonwoven Fabrics

Authors: Jesionowski Teofil, Kołodziejczak-Radzimska Agnieszka, Ciesielczyk Filip, Sójka-Ledakowicz Jadwiga, Olczyk Joanna, Sielski Jan

Zinc oxide precipitated from an emulsion system was characterised by a narrow particle size distribution and large specific surface area. The product was subjected to morphological and dispersive evaluations, and its application possibilities were indicated. The...   more »

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Evaluation of the Photocatalytic Properties of Textile Fabrics Modified with Titanium Dioxide of Anatase Structute

Authors: Siwińska-Stefańska Katarzyna, Ciesielczyk Filip, Jesionowski Teofil, Sójka-Ledakowicz Jadwiga, Lota Wiesława, Walawska Anetta

The effect of surface modification with selected alkoxysilanes on the photocatalytic properties of TiO2 used in the reaction of formaldehyde photodegradation to UV radiation was investigated. Titanium dioxide - Tytanpol® A-11, a pigment of anatase structure...   more »

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Low Temperature Dyeing of Plasma Treated Luxury Fibres. Part I: Results for Mohair (Angora Goat)

Authors: Atav Riza, Yurdakul Abbas

This study focused on the usage of plasma treatment for the modification of fibre surfaces to achieve the dyeing of mohair fibres at lower temperatures without causing a decrease in dyeexhaustion. The study was carried out...   more »

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Properties of Wool and Cotton Fabrics Dyed with Eucalyptus, Tannin and Flavonoidss.

Authors: Mongkholrattanasit Rattanaphol, Kryštůfek Jiří, Wiener Jakub

Fabrics made from wool and cotton were dyed with eucalyptus leaf extract, rutin, querecetin and tannin dyes by the pad-dry technique. In this experiment, ferrous sulfate was used as a mordant. The dyeing properties were evaluated...   more »

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Characterisation of Bleached Hemp Pulps with the Use of the Computer Image Analysis Method

Authors: Danielewicz Dariusz, Surma-Ślusarska Barbara

Bleached kraft pulps made from 30 cm long hemp stalks, uncut hemp bast, and uncut hemp wood were prepared. Then the properties of these pulps and their fibres were analysed using the computer image analysis method....   more »

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