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Improving the Quality of Combed Yarn Spun by OE Rotor Spinning Using the Grey-Taguchi Method

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Open-end (OE) rotor spinning is a high-productive-efficiency as well as a space and energy saving method of producing combed yarns with better evenness, regularity and abrasion resistance, as well as a brighter shade and sharpness. However, the setting of process parameters decides yarn quality, which can be done only after accumulating experience involving tremendous cost, time and manpower. Firstly, the L9(34) orthogonal array is used to plan the process parameters that have an impact on OE rotor spinning. In this study, the experimental quality characteristrics focused on are the strength and unevenness of combed yarns. Afterwards grey relational analysis is used to establish individual quality characteristics, the demerit of the Taguchi Method, and an optimal set of process parameters of multiple quality characteristics obtained from a response graph of the grey relational analysis. Moreover, a signal-to-noise ratio computation and analysis of variance (ANOVA) are conducted to evaluate the results of the experiments. Using ANOVA, the significant factors impacting the quality characteristics of combed yarns are obtained; that is, control over the preceding factors indicates valid control over the quality characteristics of combed yarns. Finally, the reliability and reproducibility are verified at a 95% confidence interval of the confirmation experiments.

Tags: OE rotor spinning, combed yarns, fibre quality Taguchi method, grey relational analysis

Citation: Su T.-L., Chen H.-W., Ma C.-M., Lu C.-F.; Improving the Quality of Combed Yarn Spun by OE Rotor Spinning Using the Grey-Taguchi Method. FIBRES & TEXTILES in Eastern Europe 2011, Vol. 19, No. 2 (85) pp. 23-27.

Published in issue no 2 (85) / 2011, pages 23–27.


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