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General problems of the fibre and textile industries

Strategic Attitudes in the Global Textiles Market: the Case of a South European Cluster

Authors: Llach Josep, Marqus Pilar, Valls Jaume

In recent years, the textile and clothing (T/C) industry in the EU has suffered difficult times, with declines in production and employment and an increase in the trade deficit. The case of Spain, the fifth biggest...   more »

full text | Pages 8–13

Applying Intelligent Systems as a Basis for Improving the Position and Competitiveness of the European Textile Industry

Authors: Karabegović Isak, Ujević Darko

The textile and clothing industry is one of the most important industries in Europe and around the world. Over the last fifteen years, numerous relocations have taken place and production capacities were moved to other production...   more »

full text | Pages 14–17

Research and development

Prediction of Strength and Elongation Properties of Cotton/Polyester-Blended OE Rotor Yarns

Authors: Baykal Pinar Duru, Babaarslan Osman, Erol Rizvan

This study aims to predict the strength and elongation properties of cotton/polyester blended rotor yarns, using blend ratios and yarn count as predictors. A simplex lattice design with two replications at each design point is constructed...   more »

full text | Pages 18–21

Preparation of Enzymatically Modified Flax Fiber for Producing of Rotor-Spun Yarn for Apparel

Authors: Sedelnik Natalia, Zaręba Stanislaw, Szporek Jerzy

At the Institute of Natural Fibres, Poznań, we developed a new method for cottonising short bast fibres with the use of enzymes in the cottonising process. The final product of this cottonising process is a fibre...   more »

full text | Pages 22–26

A New Method of Measuring Twist of Yarn

Authors: Czaplicki Zdzislaw

The paper presents a new method for determining yarn twist that eliminates the drawbacks of the presently used ‘reverse-twisting method’. The new method may be described as a ‘two-end untwisting/twisting method’. In this method, the test...   more »

full text | Pages 27–29

New Approach to Modeling the Stress-Strain Curve of Linear Textile Products.
Part 1 – Theoretical Considerations

Authors: Serwatka Agnieszka, Bruniaux Pascal, Frydrych Iwona

The first part of this paper presents a modelling of the stretching phenomena of linear textile products, specifically yarns. The stretching phenomena are described by a model of the yarn stress-strain curve which was developed by...   more »

full text | Pages 30–35

Inequality of Woven Fabric Elongation in Width and Change of Warp Inequality under Axial and Bi-axial Tensions

Authors: Rukuižienė Žaneta, Milašius Rimvydas

Earlier experimental investigations have shown a particular regularity of warp projection inequality in the loom-state fabric width, while the projections of wefts were steady throughout the whole width of fabric. The changes in the warp projections...   more »

full text | Pages 36–38

An Experimental Approach on the Performance of Towels – Part I. Bending Resistance or Softness Analysis

Authors: Koç Erdem, Zervent Belkis

This experimental study aims to investigate the performance of towels. In order to do this, we obtained the relationships between the towel’s performance and selected characteristic properties such as pile highness, aerial density, type of softeners,...   more »

full text | Pages 39–46

Optimising Knitting Process Conditions on the Basis of Controlled Robbing-Back of Yarn

Authors: Kłonowska Magdalena, Kowalski Krzysztof

We carried out identification of knitting process conditions during the controlled robbing-back of yarn in the knitting zone of weft-circular knitting machines on the basis of a computer model of the knitting process. The investigations were...   more »

full text | Pages 47–51

Evaluating Thermal Insulation Properties of Garment Packet Air Interlayer

Authors: Nadzeikienė Jüratė, Milašius Rimvydas, Deikus Juvencijus, Eičinas Juozas, Kerpauskas Paulius

In this article, we present an evaluation of the heat exchange processes taking place in the garment packet air interlayers. In the quest to improve garment designs, evaluate their thermal insulation properties and create new garment...   more »

full text | Pages 52–55

Liquid Sorption by Nonwovens Containing Superabsorbent Fibres

Authors: Bartkowiak Grażyna

Working in tight protective clothing causes considerable discomfort, because it is impossible to expel high quantities of intensively secreted sweat out of the garment, among other reasons. The sweat accumulates on the skin and on the...   more »

full text | Pages 57–61

The Comparison of the Manual and CAD Systems for Pattern Making, Grading and Marker Making Processes

Authors: Öndoğan Ziynet, Erdogan M. Cetin

The objective of this research is to conduct a comparison in pattern and marker making between the CAD and manual methods as regards individual course steps and total time values, and to determine the effective of...   more »

full text | Pages 62–67

Possibilities for Modelling Control Conditions of the Thread by Disc Take-up in the Lockstitch Formation Zone

Authors: Krasowska Renata, Frydrych Iwona, Rybicki Marian

We present a course of needle take-up demand in the zone of lockstitch formation by the needle and the bobbin hook, as well as a course of thread control by the take-up for selected machines with...   more »

full text | Pages 68–72

Assumptions for Constructing an Auto-leveller with a New Algorithm of Operation

Authors: Idzik Marek

Regularity of linear density for slivers levelled by a short-term auto-leveller is a function of time, due to the occurrence of retardation. This phenomenon was analysed, and assumptions were made for constructing an auto-leveller with a...   more »

full text | Pages 73–75

Pneumatic Loom for Leno Weaves with Rotary Mechanism Forming the Shed and Beating-up the Weft

Authors: Kopias Kazimierz, Kossowski Zbigniew

We present herein a genuinely new concept for a rotary mechanism for pneumatic looms, which forms the shed and beating-up the weft, together with an electromagnetic device to drive the guide needle bar. The mechanism and...   more »

full text | Pages 76–78

Kinematic Analysis of the Sewing Mechanisms of an Overedge Machine

Authors: Przytulski Ryszard, Zajączkowski Jerzy

A computer analysis of the motion of the spatial links of lever mechanisms has been carried out. This analysis has been presented as an example of some selected mechanisms of one version of basic design solutions...   more »

full text | Pages 79–82

The Model and Analysis of the Doffing Comb Device Vibrations in Carding Machines

Authors: Danielczyk Piotr, Stadnicki Jacek

The paper presents a methodology for analysing mechanical doffing comb devices which take off the web in carding machines. A discrete model of the doffing device, worked out with the use of the FEM method, is...   more »

full text | Pages 83–87

Antibacterial Finishing of Cotton Fabrics

Authors: Jantas Roman, Górna Katarzyna

Antibacterial properties have been given to the surface of a cotton fabric by a two-stage process of chemical modification. First, the fabric was treated with chloroacetyl chloride in THF using pyridine as a catalyst to incorporate...   more »

full text | Pages 88–91

Enzymatic Treatment of Fibres from Regenerated Cellulose

Authors: Ciechańska Danuta, Kazimierczak Janusz

The use of cellulolytic enzymes to modify fibres and fabrics made of regenerated cellulose is a new trend in enzyme application. Enzyme treatment improves the properties of fibres and fabrics without significantly worsening their tensile characteristics....   more »

full text | Pages 92–95


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