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Evaluating Thermal Insulation Properties of Garment Packet Air Interlayer

Research and development


  • Nadzeikienė Jüratė
    Department of Occupational Safety and Engineering Management, Lithuanian University of Agriculture, Kauno, Lithuania
  • Milašius Rimvydas
    Kaunas University of Technology, Kaunas, Lithuania
  • Deikus Juvencijus
    Department of Occupational Safety and Engineering Management, Lithuanian University of Agriculture, Kauno, Lithuania
  • Eičinas Juozas (j/w)
  • Kerpauskas Paulius
    Department of Heat and Biotechnology Engineering, Lithuanian University of Agriculture, Kauno, Lithuania

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In this article, we present an evaluation of the heat exchange processes taking place in the garment packet air interlayers. In the quest to improve garment designs, evaluate their thermal insulation properties and create new garment materials, it is necessary to evaluate all kinds of heat transfer in the air interlayer. Heat exchange process in the air interlayer manifests itself by conductance, convection and radiation. Thermal evaluation of a garment packet with air interlayers which is based on conductance alone will be incomplete, as it is also necessary to evaluate the influence on the packet’s thermal insulation of the air interlayer between the human body and the garment’s internal surface . An equivalent thermal conductivity coefficient was proposed to evaluate the total heat transfer in the air interlayer. Methods for calculating a thermal conductivity coefficient for evaluating the garment packet’s thermal insulation properties were developed.. It was established while evaluating the heat exchanges in the 1 to 10-mm thick air interlayer as a whole, that the equivalent thermal conductivity coefficient varies depending on the air interlayer thickness. A comparative analysis of air interlayer thermal resistance is presented, which evaluates the garment’s air interlayer thermal insulation properties by its thermal conductance and by its combined conductance, convective and radiation process.


garment, air interlayer, conductance, convection, radiation

Published in issue no 1 (55) / 2006, pages 52–55.


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