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Model procesu zasilania anizostrukturalnych dzianin kolumieńkowych

Research and development


  • Mikołajczyk Zbigniew
    Institute of Knitting Technology and Structure of Knitted Products, Technical Universty of Lodz, Łódź, Poland

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The model of the feeding process of anisotropic warp knitted fabrics includes a mathematical model of a knitted fabric in which the surface distribution of variable features of the knitted fabric structure is defined in the form of numerical matrixes, the criteria of selecting the feeding method are defined on the basis of the existing technologies and the definition of forcing the feeding system on the basis of the kinematics of loop-forming elements, and finally the gradient of length of the fed and required threads in structural elements of the knitted fabric. Identifying the feeding system dynamics at constant-length thread feeding formulates the assumptions of the physical model. The mathematical model describes time courses of variations in dynamic forces in threads in a stitch repeat. On the basis of the algorithm of calculations, a numerical simulation of thread feeding was carried out for the structure of a jacquard knitted fabric, determining the extreme values of forces in the fed warp threads.


warp knitting, anisotropic warp knitting, feeding, surface distribution, mathematical model.

Opublikowano w numerze nr 2 (41) / 2003, strony 58–62.


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