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A Comparison of the Key Parameters Affecting the Dynamic and Static Drape Coefficients of Natural-Fibre Woven Fabrics by a Newly Devised Dynamic Drape Automatic Measuring System

Research and development


  • Shyr Tien-Wei
    Institute of Textile Engineering, Feng-Chia University, Taichung, Taiwan R. O. C.
  • Wang P. N. (j/w)
  • Cheng K. B.
    Department of Molecular Science and Engineering, National Taipei University of Technology, Taiwan R. O. C.

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A new dynamic drape automatic measuring system integrating Cusick’s drapemeter principle with the image analysis technique was devised to automatically measure the static and dynamic drape coefficients of fabrics. The relationship for four natural-fibre woven fabrics between the fabric drape coefficient and sixteen physical properties, based on the Kawabata Evaluation System for fabrics (KES-F), were investigated. Results show that the experimental data of the dynamic drape coefficient versus the rotating speed can be well fitted to a Boltzmann function. The correlation coefficient analysis showed that the static drape coefficient and the dynamic drape coefficients of these four natural-fibre woven fabrics, at 100 and 125 r.p.m. did not have a very good correlation, apart from the wool fabric. The key parameters for the static drape coefficient and dynamic drape coefficient at 100 r.p.m. of each natural-fibre fabric were selected from sixteen physical properties using a stepwise regression method. Results showed that the selected key parameters of different natural-fibre fabrics were not entirely the same, and that the static drape coefficient of a fabric could not show dynamic performance. However, the bending and shearing blocked properties were found to be most closely associated with the static and dynamic drape coefficient for the test fabrics. The tensile, compressional, surface, and weight blocked properties were nuisance-blocked properties for the drape coefficient.

Tags: dynamic drape automatic measuring system, dynamic drape coefficient, Boltzmann function, KES-F system, parameter selection

Published in issue no 3 (62) / 2007, pages 81–86.


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