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General problems of the fibre and textile industries

Relationship between the Voluntary Instrument of CSR in the Textile Industry in the Czech Republic and Financial Performance

Authors: Krause Josef

The paper deals with the relationship between an environmentally friendly approach on the part of companies and financial performance. The paper emphasises that corporate social responsibility is an important issue in the strategic management of companies....   more »

full text | references | Nr DOI: 10.5604/01.3001.0012.2524
| Pages 8–12

Linear Programming for Aggregate Production Planning in a Textile Company

Authors: Campo Emiro Antonio , Cano Jose Alejandro , Gómez-Montoya Rodrigo Andrés

This article aims to propose and implement an aggregated production planning model to provide optimal strategies in the medium term for a textile company, for which a linear programming model is proposed to minimise total costs associated with...   more »

full text | references | Nr DOI: 10.5604/01.3001.0012.2525
| Pages 13–19

Research and development

Extraction of Dyes from Petrocarpus santalinus and Dyeing of Natural Fibres Using Different Mordants

Authors: Mariselvam Ramaiah , Athinarayanan Ganesan , Ranjitsingh Amirtham J.A. , Usha Raja Nanthini Ayyakannu , Krishnamoorthy Rajapandiyan , Alshatwi Ali A.

Aqueous extraction of natural dyes from Petrocarpus santalinus tree wood and dyeing of the following natural fibres: banana fibre, screw fine fibre, pineapple fibre, sisal fibre, korai and palm leaf using various mordants to fix the colour in...   more »

full text | references | Nr DOI: 10.5604/01.3001.0011.7312
| Pages 20–23

Influence of Rib Structure and Elastic Yarn Type Variations on Textile Piezoresistive Strain Sensor Characteristics

Authors: Raji Rafiu King , Miao Xuhong, Zhang Shu , Li Yutian , Wan Ailan

Production parameters have been established to play a fundamental role in dictating the physical characteristics and sensing properties of knitted sensors. This research studied the influence of elastic yarn type and rib fabric structure variation on the physical,...   more »

full text | references | Nr DOI: 10.5604/01.3001.0012.2527
| Pages 24–31

Mathematical Modelling of Dynamic Yarn Path Considering the Balloon Control Ring and Yarn Elasticity in the Ring Spinning Process Based on the Superconducting Bearing Twisting Element

Authors: Hossain Mahmud, Telke Christian , Abdkader Anwar, Sparing Maria , Espenhahn Tilo , Hühne Ruben , Cherif Chokri, Beitelschmidt Michael

The productivity of the conventional ring spinning process is currently limited by the frictional heat that occurs in the ring/traveler twisting system. In the framework of a fundamental research project from the German Research Foundation (DFG), the levitation...   more »

full text | references | Nr DOI: 10.5604/01.3001.0012.2528
| Pages 32–40

Effect of Blending Methodologies on Cotton Mélange Yarn Quality

Authors: Ray Suchibrata , Ghosh Anindya, Banerjee Debamalya

Fibre of dyed mélange yarn is becoming an emerging product in the field of textiles. The quality of mélange yarn is largely influenced by the types of blending methodologies. There exists hardly any reported work where...   more »

full text | references | Nr DOI: 10.5604/01.3001.0012.2529
| Pages 41–46

Influence of Knitting Process Parameters on the Thermal Comfort Properties of Eri Silk Knitted Fabrics

Authors: Senthil Kumar Balakrshnan, Ramachandran Thangavelu

Eri silk, a wild silk variety available in the northeastern states of India, has better softness, tensile and thermal properties. The present study aimed to develop different knitted structures and investigate the influence of knitting process...   more »

full text | references | Nr DOI: 10.5604/01.3001.0012.2530
| Pages 47–53

Seersucker Woven Fabrics with Therapeutic Properties

Authors: Matusiak Małgorzata, Wilk Edward, Zieliński Janusz

Cellulite is a serious aesthetic and health skin problem. The term cellulite refers to the dimpled appearance of the skin on hips, thighs and buttocks. Most of the existing methods of reduction or prevention of cellulite...   more »

full text | references | Nr DOI: 10.5604/01.3001.0012.2531
| Pages 54–58

Development of Coating for Incorporation of Beneficial Spores on Hospital Textiles

Authors: Dural-Erem Aysin , Nierstrasz Vincent

Hospital-acquired infections are a growing problem in hospitalized patient safety. and hospital textiles are reported as a significant source of these nosocomial pathogen. Contact with these textiles leads most often to the contamination and cross-contamination of...   more »

full text | references | Nr DOI: 10.5604/01.3001.0012.2532
| Pages 59–62

Application of Environment-Friendly Processes Aimed at Bonding β-Cyclodextrine onto Cellulosic Materials

Authors: Flinčec Grgac Sandra, Malinar Rajna

The impact of the pre-treatment of cellulose material in  NaOH solution and of microwave radiation on the mechanism of crosslinking β-cyclodextrin with cellulose was investigated in this paper. Citric acid and Na-hypophosphite as catalysts were applied...   more »

full text | references | Nr DOI: 10.5604/01.3001.0012.2533
| Pages 63–69

Influence of Screen Printed Layers on the Thermal Conductivity of Textile Fabrics

Authors: Kazani Ilda, Kazani Ilda, De Mey Gilbert, Hertleer Carla, Van Langenhove Lieva, Guxho Genti

In the smart textile field the combination of textile and metallic materials is rising. In order to conduct electricity in textile, different methods are used. This paper deals with a new measuring method to determine the...   more »

full text | references | Nr DOI: 10.5604/01.3001.0012.2534
| Pages 70–74

Proposal for the Selection of Materials for Footwear to Improve Thermal Insulation Properties Based on Laboratory Research

Authors: Serweta Wioleta , Matusiak Małgorzata, Olejniczak Zbigniew , Jagiełło Jolanta , Wójcik Justyna

The aim of this study was the analysis of the thermal resistance of upper textile materials combined with leather or textile linings. Following a comparative analysis of the combinations of materials tested, the best insulators werre...   more »

full text | references | Nr DOI: 10.5604/01.3001.0012.2535
| Pages 75–80

Qualitative Evaluation of the Possible Application of Collagen Fibres: Composite Materials with Mineral Fillers as Insoles for Healthy Footwear

Authors: Ławińska Katarzyna , Serweta Wioleta , Modrzewski Remigiusz

The research presented in this paper focuses on determination of the physical and mechanical properties of composites made on the basis of natural polymer, i.e., crushed collagen fibres which are waste from the leather industry. Mineral...   more »

full text | references | Nr DOI: 10.5604/01.3001.0012.2536
| Pages 81–85

Applications of Bamboo Textiles in Individualised Children’s Footwear

Authors: Ławińska Katarzyna , Serweta Wioleta , Gendaszewska Dorota

As part of the work, preliminary tests were made of textile materials with bamboo fibres for elements of children’s footwear. The need to expand the range of materials which can be used in children’s footwear is...   more »

full text | references | Nr DOI: 10.5604/01.3001.0012.2537
| Pages 87–92

Effect of Selected Injection Conditions on the Mechanical Properties and Structure of HDPE

Authors: Mordal Katarzyna , Dobrakowski Karol , Kwiatkowski Dariusz

This paper is devoted to research of high-density polyethylene (HDPE), which belongs to one of three main biomaterial groups, i.e. polymeric materials. Hence, due to its unique properties, it still plays an important role in biomedical...   more »

full text | references | Nr DOI: 10.5604/01.3001.0012.2538
| Pages 93–98

Modelling of Textile Composite Adapted for Roof Structure

Authors: Radaszewska Elżbieta, Benda Aliona , Korycki Ryszard

3D structural components made of fibrous composite materials subjected to service loading are analysed. The laminate consists of a matrix reinforced with a ply of long and unidirectional fibres. Participation of the fibres and matrix can vary in...   more »

full text | references | Nr DOI: 10.5604/01.3001.0012.2539
| Pages 99–103

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