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Investigation of Fly Generation During Cone-Winding Using the Image Processing Technique

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Fibre fly generation is a major problem for the textile industry, not only for health reasons but also because of quality problems associated with products. In this work, fiber fly generation during the cone-winding process was studied’ emphasizing the effect of yarn spinning parameters. 100% acrylic yarns were produced with different twists and linear densities. The hairiness and hair counts of the yarns were measured using an evenness testing machine. In order to collect the fibre fly in the cone-winding process, the whole path of the yarn, from bobbin to cone, was covered with a plastic chamber so that the fly generated could be collected. The image processing technique was then used to calculate the length of flying fibres generated . The number of flies in each group length and also the total length of flies in 100 meters of yarn were calculated. The number of flies in each length group is defined as fly counts. For each yarn type 25 samples, 500 meters of yarn on each sample, were tested. The results revealed that both the twist and linear density of the yarn has a significant effect on the amount of fly generated during the winding process. As the twist of the yarn increases, the amount of fibre fly decreases. This effect is greater in higher linear densities. For all samples the total length of flies was also calculated and compared to the hairiness index of the yarn. The results showed a good linear regression between these two quantities, with a linear regression coefficient of R2 = 0.905.


fibre fly, winding machine, hairiness, hair counts, image processing, fly length.


Ghane M, Karbalaei Tafti SM, Semnani D, Sheikhzadeh M. Investigation of Fly Generation During Cone-Winding Using the Image Processing Technique. FIBRES & TEXTILES in Eastern Europe 2012; 20, 6A(95): 58-62.

Published in issue no 6A (95) / 2012, pages 58–62.


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