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Effect of the Acrylic Fibre Blend Ratio on Carpet Pile Yarn Compression Behaviour

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The aim of this research was to investigate the compression properties of acrylic cut-pile carpet consisting of pile yarn with different fibre blend ratios. Acrylic fibres with finenesses of 7.69, 10.99 and 16.48 dtex were selected and then blended at 10 different percentages of blend ratios using the semi-worsted spinning system, and finally 10 two-fold pile yarn samples were produced. In addition typical cut-pile carpet samples with a constant pile density level of 15 pile/cm2 and pile height of 13 mm were produced by the face to face method. Then the compression behaviour of the carpet samples was evaluated under a constant compression stress of 40.89 kPa using an Instron tensile tester. The cut-pile carpet compression properties were evaluated using different compression parameters including the energy of compression WC, the decompression energy W�ŚC, the resilience of carpet compression RC and relative compressibility EMC. The experimental results were then statistically analysed using ANOVA and Duncan test methods. The results showed that with an increase in the coarse acrylic fibre component ratio (16.48 dtex fibre) the yarn specific volume first decreases and then increases. The results of this research revealed that acrylic cut-pile carpet produced from pile yarn with 16.48, 10.99 and 7.69 denier fibre at a 15%, 67% and 18% blend ratio, respectively, exhibit the highest WC, W�ŚC, EMC and RC values compared with other samples and commercially produced yarn. The statistical regression analysis suggested that the compression behaviour of acrylic cut-pile carpet is extremely close to the two parameter model proposed for woven fabrics.


acrylic fibre, blend ratio, compression properties, cut-pile carpets.


Sheikhi H, Shaikhzadeh Najar S, Etrati SM, Dayiary Bidgoly M. Effect of the Acrylic Fibre Blend Ratio on Carpet Pile Yarn Compression Behaviour.
FIBRES & TEXTILES in Eastern Europe 2012; 20, 4(93): 77-81.

Published in issue no 4 (93) / 2012, pages 77–81.


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