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Modelling the Indicators of Air-Flow Intensity in Different Construction Designs of Nozzles for the Pneumatic Linking of Yarns

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This article is a continuation of the publication entitled: Modelling the parameters of airflow in pneumatic nozzles for linking staple and filament yarns. Part I. Determining of the volume flow and local speeds of air-flow, and Part II. Results of the average speeds and asymmetry of the air stream flowing out of a nozzle, published in Fibres & Textiles in Eastern Europe No. 3 (86) 2011 and 4 (87) 2011. The study, whose results are presented in this publication, includes the development of methodology for determining the parameters of an air stream such as the force of air flow acting longitudinally, a stream of air impulses and an analysis of the results of the indicators mentioned above. These indicators are parameters describing the intensity of the air stream in pneumatic linking of yarns manufactured from staple and filament fibres, determined on the basis of values of the speed of air flowing out from the nozzle, on the pressure of the air supplied to the interlacing nozzle, on selected constructional features of the nozzles (dimensions of the interlacing duct), and on structural features of the yarns linked. The results presented below relate to an innovative group of nozzles for the pneumatic linking of yarns, developed at the Textile Research Institute (IW), and designated for exploring the extent to which it is possible to shape the parameters of the air stream acting on the yarns linked - mainly through the selection of particular structure and constructional features of the nozzle design, and changes in the pressure of the air supplied.


pneumatic nozzle, air-flow parameters, air stream, air speed, stream asymmetry.


Dopierała H, Radom C, Swaczyna P, Zawadzki L. Modelling the Indicators of Air-Flow Intensity in Different Construction Designs of Nozzles for the Pneumatic Linking of Yarns. FIBRES & TEXTILES in Eastern Europe 2012; 20, 3(92): 51-55.

Published in issue no 3 (92) / 2012, pages 51–55.


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