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Measurement of Cotton Fineness and Maturity by Different Methods

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Different measurement principles are used in measurement systems. There are some new systems which are not commonly used in cotton fiber assessment, like Siromat and CottonScan by CSIRO or ITRU UAK-1+. The method of cotton fineness assessment by CottonScan is based on a direct method of measuring the total length of a known mass of fiber snippets to directly calculate the mass per unit length (fineness). The SiroMat™ instrument determines a fiber’s maturity based on fiber colors when viewed under a polarised light microscope. The relationship between the interference colours assumed by fibers under the crossed polarised light beams and fiber maturity is based upon the orientation of cellulose chains in the fiber wall, which affect the path length of light through the wall. This method (not automated) has been used for many years by GOST (now an Uzbeck standard) and ASTM. The ITRU Fiber Tester UAK-1+ operates on the basis of the computer image analysis principle. To determine fiber parameters, only two tests are needed: a test of the fiber beard, and an image analysis of the fiber or fabric surface. This study presents a comparison of fineness and maturity results obtained by traditional measurement systems (HVI & AFIS, according to GOST) and by new ones. The method of ITRU UAK-1+ surface Micronaire measurement is also presented, as well as results for the same parameter from Y-section Microscope analysis performed on single fibers.

Citation: Frydrych I., Raczynska M., Cekus Z.; Measurement of Cotton Fineness and Maturity by Different Methods. FIBRES & TEXTILES in Eastern Europe 2010, Vol. 18, No. 6 (83) pp. 54-59.

Published in issue no 6 (83) / 2010, pages 54–59.


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