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Modelling the Stress-strain Curve of Textile Products. Part 2 – Simulation of Real Stress-strain Curves

Research and development


  • Serwatka Agnieszka
    Department of Clothing Technology, Technical University of Lodz, Łódź, Poland
  • Bruniaux Pascal
    Laboratorie Genie et Materiaux, Ecole Nationale des Arts et Industries Textiles, Roubaix, France
  • Frydrych Iwona
    Department of Clothing Technology, Technical University of Lodz, Łódź, Poland

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This paper presents the second part of our study describing the modelling of the yarn stretching phenomena recently published in F&T in EE [1]. The continuation of this app-roach involves the identification of unknown parameters in the model, as well as proper stress-strain curve division, in order to avoid problems of identification. In order to avoid the effects of parametric compensation, which has been very often observed, when the number of model parameters becomes significant we use a new strategy of identification. The division of the model into submodels contributes to the correct operation of the identification, because we use a method which partially identifies with submodels which have a small number of parameters. The parameters of the proposed model were identified using MATLAB software. Various types of yarns were tested according to whether their origin was natural and man-made. Finally, the superposition of the practical and simulated curves was carried out, with the aim of verifying the correctness of the proposed model. The results show that the model was adapted perfectly in almost all types of the yarns used.

Tags: stress-strain curve, yarn, modelling, simulation

Published in issue no 3 (62) / 2007, pages 60–62.


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