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Effect of Changes in the Nanostructure of the Outer Layer of Synthetics Fibers on their Dyeing Properties

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Numerous, often contradictory, literature reports concerning the influence of various types of atmospheric plasma on the dyeing properties of fibres inclined us to undertake investigations into the use of corona discharge for the preliminary modification of textiles. These discharges were generated and applied by means of original multi-segment electrodes installed in a generator specially constructed to operate continuously and to make it possible to carry out the modification process under conditions similar to those in industry. This paper presents findings concerning the effect of corona discharge on the dyeing properties of woven fabrics made of polyester (PET), polyamide (PA6) and polypropylene (PP) continuous filament yarns. Pretreated with corona discharge, these fabrics were dyed by the exhaustion (dye exhaustion from a dyebath at an elevated temperature/pressure) and continuous Thermosol processes using hot air to fix the dye. The differences in color, ÄE, between corona treated and untreated samples were determined on the basis of spectrophotometric measurements in the CIE L*a*b colour system. Although no improvement in the effectiveness of dyeing by exhaustion was found, the intensity of dyeing by the continuous Thermosol process was considerably increased, especially in the case of woven fabrics of PET and PP yarns. Based on the tests of the surface properties of modified fibres, reasons are presented for the effect of corona discharge modification on the dyeing results obtained.

Tags: corona discharge, synthetic filament woven fabrics, dyeing, continuous dyeing process, batch dyeing method, dyeing kinetics, wettability, dyebath absorption.

Citation: Brzeziński S., Kaleta A., Kowalczyk D., Malinowska G., Gajdzicki B.; Effect of Changes in the Nanostructure of the Outer Layer of Synthetics Fibres on their Dyeing Properties. FIBRES & TEXTILES in Eastern Europe 2010, Vol. 18, No. 4 (81) pp. 92-98.

Published in issue no 4 (81) / 2010, pages 92–98.


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