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Experimental Study of the Thermoregulating Properties of Nonwovens Treated with Microencapsulated PCM

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This paper reports a study on the thermoregulation properties of PCM nonwovens. Microencapsulated n-alkanes (n-octadecane and n-eicosane) dispersed in a polymer binder (acrylic-butadiene copolymer) were applied to needled and hydroentangled nonwovens by the pad-mangle or screen printing method. The surface morphology and cross section of PCM nonwovens were observed by means of scanning electron microscopy (SEM). The thermal storage/release properties of the nonwoven samples treated with microPCMs were analysed by DSC, and the thermal resistance of the nonwovens under steady state conditions was determined by means of a sweating guarded hotplate instrument. The transient thermal performance of the nonwoven samples containing microPCMs was examined using novel apparatus with a dynamic heat source. The temperature regulating factor (TRF), defined by Hittle, was determined for selected cycle times of heat flux changes (t), the results of which are shown in diagrams presenting the relation TRF = f(t). The results obtained show that the main factor determining the TRF value is the amount of latent heat in a unit area of nonwoven fabric. Thermoregulating properties of the printed nonwoven sample with micro- PCMs are identified as being dependent on the position of the microPCMs layer. This work shows the possibility of achieving a significant thermoregulation effect even with moderate amounts of microPCMs incorporated at a proper location in the nonwoven system.

Tags: phase change material, temperature regulating factor, intelligent textiles, thermoregulation properties

Citation: Bendkowska W., Wrzosek H.; Experimental Study of the Thermoregulating Properties of Nonwovens Treated with Microencapsulated PCM. FIBRES & TEXTILES in Eastern Europe 2009, Vol. 17, No. 5 (76) pp. 87-91.

Published in issue no 5 (76) / 2009, pages 87–91.


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