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Rheological Behaviour of Polypropylene/Boehmite Composites, Structure and Properties of Hybrid Fibres

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In this paper, the effect of the re-melting and kneading of polypropylene (PP)/Boehmite composites in a twin-screw extruder on their rheological properties and spinning as well as the effect of the uniaxial deformation of composite fibres on their thermal properties, orientation and mechanical properties are presented. The composite fibres were prepared by the melt spinning of polymer composites based on PP and commercial Boehmites of Disperal mark. The rheological properties of the polymer composites were evaluated using a extruder-capillary rheoviscosimeter. The thermal properties of the PP/Boehmite fibres were investigated by DSC analysis. DSC measurements were carried out using the conventional method (CM) and the constant length method (CLM) in which a constant length of the fibres during measurement was assured. The melting temperature and melting enthalpy of the PP and PP/Boehmite composite fibres increased proportionally with a drawing ratio. These thermal parameters were correlated with orientation and basic mechanical properties, tenacity and Young’s modulus of fibres. The tensile strength and Young’s modulus of the PP/Boehmite fibres increased proportionally with a higher melting temperature and melting enthalpy obtained by the DSC CLM method.

Tags: polypropylene, composites, nanofiller, thermal properties, mechanical properties.

Published in issue no 5-6 (64-65) / 2007, pages 16–21.


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