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The Behaviour of Fabric with Elastane Yarn During Stretching

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This paper presents an investigation into the behaviour of fabric with elastane yarn during stretching. The aim of the research was to study the viscoelastic part of the stress-extension curve and behaviour of fabrics with elastane yarn after one hour stretching above the yield point. Research results of the viscoelastic part of the stress-extension curve show low values of stress and extension in the yield point (extension at the yield point is from 0.25% to 0.75%), which means a larger area of the viscoelastic behaviour of the fabrics was analysed. The results of research into the viscoelastic properties of fabrics with elastane yarn also show greater differences in viscoelastic properties on the stress-extension curve above the yield point, which means that the elastane in the yarn had started to affect the viscoelastic properties, with an extension which is higher than the one at the yield point. The results of the research also show that elastic extension after one hour of stretching the fabric to the specified extension of 25% is higher than the extension at the yield point, which moves between 22.2% and 24.1%. This figure is considered to be very high.

Tags: fabric, elastane yarn, stress-extension curve, viscoelastic properties, elastic extension

Published in issue no 3 (68) / 2008, pages 63–68.


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