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Assesing the Wear of Spindle Neck Coating Made of AlCu4Mg1 Alloy of Ring Spinning Spindles with an Antiballoon Crown

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This paper presents the results of observation and measurements of the wear of a spindle-neck coating made of the aluminium alloy AlCu4Mg1 of an anti-balloon crown of a PG-7A ring-spinning frame. Evaluation of the wear of the spindle neck was carried out in industrial conditions while manufacturing two types of yarn blends: 20 ÷ 30% of polyester fibres + 80 ÷ 70% wool, as well as 90% wool + 10% polyamide fibres, or 100% wool fibres. Measurements of chosen parameters of the 3D surface geometric structure (SGS) as well as the surface topography of the spindle neck layer before and after the operation were performed. In addition to the surface microphotography, the distributions of elementary chemical elements in different places of the wear, which have on the shape of a helical groove, are given. Analysis of the surface microphotography and topography confirmed that the external surface of the surface layer of neck coating undergoes non-uniform wear. Different contents of the elementary chemical elements at different points of contact with the yarn as well as a detailed analysis of the wear surface in the helical groove imply that the wear of the spindle neck coating made of the aluminium alloy AlCu4Mg1 is basically caused by abrasion.

Tags: ring spinning frame, anti-baloon spindle, spindle crown, operation wear.

Published in issue no 3 (68) / 2008, pages 33–38.


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