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New Concept of Weaving Loom Construction

Research and development


  • Kopias Kazimierz
    Department of Knitting Technology and Structure of Knitted Products, Technical Universty of Lodz, Łódź, Poland

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In order to develop the concept of a new weaving loom, the well known method of shed formation along the warp was used, in which the shed is formed with the use of sinkers positioned on the circumference of a rotating drum, as this method allows to achieve the highest possible frequency of shedding. According to the new concept, in order to beat the wefts to the edge of the fabric, the same sinkers are used as the shed formation, significantly simplifying the loom construction. Inserting wefts into the shed is done with the use of yarn grippers which are placed along the warp width in tunnels formed by the same sinkers that form the shed. The gripper’s motion is forced by the action directed on the sinkers’ walls placed on the drum circumference along a line askew in relation to the drum axis. Such a novel way of inserting the weft is characterised by a simple construction and requires only a small driving energy, and furthermore works quietly. Contrary to hitherto known looms, with construction solutions which require some complex mechanisms (forming the shed, inserting the weft, and beating the weft), all these functions are performed in the loom according to the new concept as a result of the drum rotation.

Tags: weaving loom construction, shed formation, rotating drum, sinkers.

Published in issue no 5 (70) / 2008, pages 74–76.


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