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Aspects of Standardisation in Measuring Thermal Clothing Insulation on a Thermal Manikin

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The aim of this paper is to analyse the influence on a standing thermal manikin of various factors such as thermal environment parameters (temperature, humidity, velocity/direction of air flow), how heating power is transferred to the manikin, and the time required to reach thermal balance during tests with thermal clothing insulation. Three sets of clothing, designed for protecting before cold, intended for use at very low temperatures (0, -10 and -25 °C) were tested in a climatic chamber on a standing thermal manikin. The results of the tests yielded the following results: 1) methods to control the transfer of heating power to the manikin have a negligible influence on the determined value of clothing thermal insulation, 2) air velocity decreases the tested thermal insulation by 7%, whereas an increase in temperature increases the thermal insulation, 3) temperature in a climatic chamber should be determined in accordance with the anticipated clothing insulation of the clothing ensemble being tested. The tests showed that in order to obtain reliable and accurate results, it is necessary to maintain an appropriate air velocity in the climatic chamber, of around 0.3 to 0.5 m/s, and an appropriate difference in temperatures between the manikin’s surface and the environment at a minimum of 12 °C.


cold protective clothing, thermal manikin, standardisation of thermal insulation measurements

Published in issue no 4 (58) / 2006, pages 58–63.


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