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Investigation of Nonwoven Carding Process with the Application of Static Electricity to Various Fibres and Process Parameters

Research and development


  • Wen-hao Hsing
    Department of Textile Technology, Chinese Culture University, Taipei, Taiwan R. O. C.
  • Kuo-ting Kao
    Laboratory of Fibre Application and Manufacturing, Graduated Institute of Textile Engineering, Feng Chia University, Taiwan, Taiwan R. O. C.
  • Jia-horng Lin (j/w)
  • Yi-ting Shu
    Institute of Biomedical Engineering, Chung Yuan Christian University, Chung-Li, Taiwan R. O. C.

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This paper is one of a series of studies on the carded-web forming process with the application of static electricity to carded nonwoven fabric process. Electrostatic carding technology was used to apply static electricity to the worker-roller of the carding machine, in which the electrostatic application could change the fibre transformation, to improve the fibre loading of carding and then increase the carding performance and fibre web uniformity. Furthermore, the fibre load of the carding element, the surface potential on the roller and the uniformity and nep count of the fibre web would be measured to investigate the effect of the applied static electricity on the carding performance of different types of fibres at various process parameters. The results showed that there was a relationship between the applied static electricity and the fibre loading of carding roller. It signified that the electrostatic method affected the uniformity of nonwoven fabric. In addition, it was found that the change of fibre loading on the worker-roller depended on the polarities in those tribo-electrification process, as well as those that the static electricity was applied to.


static electricity, carded nonwoven fabric, fibre web, carding performance.

Published in issue no 1 (60) / 2007, pages 76–81.


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