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Investigation of the Resistance to Pile Loop Extraction of Linen and Ramie Fabrics

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The paper presents an investigation of the resistance to pile loop extraction of terry fabrics in relation to the pile height, impacts/finishing, and weft density. Terry fabrics analysed in the experimental work were made from linen/cotton or ramie/cotton yarns. The pile height of the fabrics was 6 and 12 mm, and the weft density varied from 80 to 200 dm-1. The samples were affected by impacts or finishing operations. Grey fabrics were also investigated. Analysing a 10 mm pulling distance, the highest resistance to pile loop extraction of grey terry fabrics (1064.2 mN) was determined for linen/cotton fabric with a 6 mm loop pile. It was found that an increase in the weft density of ramie/cotton terry fabrics from 80 to 160 dm-1 led to an increase in the resistance to pile loop extraction for all pulling distances investigated but with a different intensity: for a 5 mm pulling distance the difference was 3.2 times, and for a 25 mm pulling distance it was in 2.1 times. The decrease in the resistance to pile loop extraction of 18.6 - 38.0% of industrially finished and tumbled linen/cotton fabrics compared with grey ones was determined at a 10 mm pulling distance. The changes in the resistance to pile loop extraction in relation to the tumbling period were not statistically significant.


finishing, extraction resistance, pile loop, terry fabric.


Petrulyte S, Dapsauskaite D, Velickiene A, Petrulis D. Investigation of the Resistance to Pile Loop Extraction of Linen and Ramie Fabrics. FIBRES & TEXTILES in Eastern Europe 2013; 21, 5(101): 54-58.

Published in issue no 5 (101) / 2013, pages 54–58.


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