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Abrasion Behavior of Yarns at Right Angle for Ring and Rotor Spun Yarn

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This paper investigates yarn abrasion behaviour based on the yarn structure, twist factor and fibre alignment at the rubbing contact points (twist direction at contact points). First yarns arranged at right angle (utilized with a high resolution camera) were introduced on a yarn abrasion tester and then the abrasion behaviour of the ring (R) and open-end rotor (O.E.) spun yarns were compared and analysed. Comparison of the yarns indicates that the abrasion resistance thereof is affected by the twist factor in a way that as the twist increases, the yarn on yarn abrasion cycles to failure follows the same trend as the effect of twist on the yarn strength (first an increase and then a decrease); that is, yarn on yarn abrasion resistance increases up to a certain degree (α=140 in ring spun yarn and α=156 in open-end rotor spun yarn), and then as the twist increases, the yarn on yarn abrasion resistance decreases. It also shows that the yarn abrasion cycle to failure is lower when the fibre alignments of the contact yarns are in the same direction. Close observation of the yarn rubbing also indicates that as the fibres are removed from the outer layers, the rotor spun yarn shows higher yarn on yarn abrasion resistance; that is, moving from the outer side to the interlayer of the rotor spun yarn, the relative yarn on yarn abrasion resistance (abrasion cycles to failure/yarn count) increases. This phenomenon indicates the fact that in open-end rotor spun yarn the compactness of the interlayer fibres are higher than the compactness of the outer layer fibres.


yarn abrasion tester, rubbing, twist direction, wear resistance.


Alamdar-Yazdi A, Heppler G R. Abrasion Behavior of Yarns at Right Angle for Ring and Rotor Spun Yarn. FIBRES & TEXTILES in Eastern Europe 2012; 20, 6A(95): 54-57.

Published in issue no 6A (95) / 2012, pages 54–57.


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