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Methodology for Evaluation of Fabric Geometry on the Basis of the Fabric Cross-Section

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A woven fabric structure is defined by mutual threads interlacing in the fabric as well as the basic parameters of the fabric. The interrelation among fabric parameters can be obtained by considering a geometrical model of the fabric and specific experimental methods. The geometrical model is mainly concerned with the shape taken up by the yarn in the warp or weft cross-section of the fabric. This article provides a possible methodology for evaluation of geometric parameters of threads in the real longitudinal and transverse cross-sections of fabric. From an individual cross-section of the fabric using image analysis it is possible to define the diameter of threads, their deformation, thread spacing, the maximum displacement (height of binding wave) of the thread axis, the angle of the thread axis (interlacing angle), the length of the thread axis in the cross-section of the fabric, the crimp of threads in the fabric, and the real shape of the binding wave through wave coordinates. The parameters mentioned are possible to use as input for mathematical modelling of the fabric structure and for prediction of mechanical and end-use properties of fabrics


fabric geometry, interlacing, cross-section, waviness, height, binding waves.


Kolčavová Sirková B, Vyšanská M. Methodology for Evaluation of Fabric Geometry on the Basis of the Fabric Cross-Section. FIBRES & TEXTILES in Eastern Europe 2012; 20, 5(94): 41-47.

Published in issue no 5 (94) / 2012, pages 41–47.


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