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Evaluation of the Manufacturing and Functions of Complex Yarn and Fabrics

Research and development


  • Lin Chin Mei
    Department of Fashion Design, Asia University, Taichung, Taiwan R. O. C.
  • Lin Ching-Wen (j/w)
  • Yang Yi-Chang
    Department of Fashion Styling and Management, Shih Chien University, Taipei, Taiwan R. O. C.
  • Lou Ching-Wen (j/w)
  • Chen An Pang
    Laboratory of Fibre Application and Manufacturing, Department of Fibre and Composite Materials, Feng Chia University, Taichung, Taiwan R. O. C.
  • Lin Jia-Horng (j/w)
  • Lin Jia-Horng
    School of Chinese Medicine, China Medical University, Taichung, Taiwan R. O. C.

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In this research, bamboo charcoal/spandex (BC/S) complex yarn was fabricated using spandex as the core yarn, which was then wrapped with bamboo charcoal nylon textured yarn. The core yarn was first expanded and then wrapped with the wrapping yarn on a rotor twister machine at speeds of 4000, 6000, 8000, 10000, and 12000 r.p.m. The wrapping amount of the BC/S complex yarns were 2, 3, and 4 turns/cm. In order to evaluate the physical properties of the BC/S complex yarn, the maximum breaking strength, elongation, and elastic recovery rate were tested. We fabricated BC/S fabrics using circular knitting based on optimal manufacturing parameters. The BC/S complex yarn had an optimum elastic recovery
rate of 98.89% when the rotor speed was 10000 r.p.m and the wrap number 4 turns/cm. The optimum tenacity of the yarn containing 44.0 dtex spandex was 4.22 cN/dtex when the rotor speed was 4000 r.p.m. and the wrap number 2 turns/cm. The anion density of the BC/S fabric increased with the wrap number; in particular, the fabric containing 76.9 dtex spandex displayed an optimum anion density of 54 anions/cc.


strength, strain, evaluation, elastic, functional, characterization, design, development.


Lin C-M, Lin C-W, Yang Y-C, Lou C-W, Chen A-P, Lin J-H. Evaluation of the Manufacturing and Functions of Complex Yarn and Fabrics. FIBRES & TEXTILES in Eastern Europe 2012; 20, 4(93): 47-50.

Published in issue no 4 (93) / 2012, pages 47–50.


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