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Modification of PA 6 Fibres with Bentonite, Cloisite and Concentrates (Copolyamide + Bentonite)

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This contribution outlines the preparation and properties of PA 6 fibres modified with two types of montmorillonite - organophilic Bentonite 11958 or Cloisite 15A alone, as well as with concentrates consisting of copolyamides and Bentonite. The concentrates were synthesised with ĺ-caprolactam (CL) and two minor comonomers - nylon salts from adipic acid + diethylenetriamine (ADETA) and from adipic acid + 1-(2-aminoethyl) piperazine (AN2) in the presence of Bentonite. Three concentrates containing copolyamide from CL + 10.7 wt. %, 21.4 wt.% and 23.4 wt.% of minor comonomers + 5 wt.% of Bentonite were prepared. The basic properties of PA 6 and the concentrates were evaluated. Blends PA 6 + 10 - 50 wt.% of each concentrate, PA 6 + 0.25 – 2.5 wt.% of Bentonite and PA 6 + 0.25 - 5 wt.% of Cloisite were prepared, and the apparent viscosity of the blend melts with Bentonite was measured. Experimental PA 6 fibres modified with Bentonite, Cloisite and the concentrates were prepared and drawn. The mechanical properties – tensile strength, elongation at break and Young’s modulus of non-modified and modified PA 6 fibres were compared.

Tags: PA 6, copolyamides, Bentonite, Cloisite, modified PA 6 fibres, mechanical properties.

Citation: Krištofič M., Ujhelyiová A., Vassová I.,Ryba J.; Modification of PA 6 Fibres with Bentonite, Cloisite and Concentrates (Copolyamide + Bentonite). FIBRES & TEXTILES in Eastern Europe 2011, Vol. 19, No. 1 (84) pp. 24-29.

Published in issue no 1 (84) / 2011, pages 24–29.


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