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Flame Retardancy of Paper Obtained with Environmentally Friendly Agents

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Flame retardancy was imparted through the addition of an organophosphorus agent which enhances paper utilisation and increases the value of paper products. For that purpose paper was impregnated with a solution containing a flame retardant agent, a binder and its catalyst, which was then linked during the curing step. N-hydroxymethyl-3-dimethylphosphonpropionamide was used as the organophosphorus flame retardant (FR) agent with two types of binders: either melamine formaldehyde or citric acid. The use of a bonding agent is necessary in order to form covalent linkages between the FR agent and cellulose macromolecules. The first binder type implements an etherification mechanism which requires phosphoric acid for the catalysation. Second binder type implements esterification mechanism which requires phosphono based catalysts. Citric acid represents a new class of environmentally friendly agents, and as such is recommended for usage. A non-durable flame retardant based on boron compounds was used in the study for comparison. Flame retardancy was tested according to the ISO 6940 and 6941 methods, as well as with the limiting oxygen index (LOI) technique according to ASTM D 2863-97, while the tensile indices were measured according to ISO 1924–2.

Tags: paper, flame retardant finishing, organophosphorus agent, citric acid, LOI

Citation: Katović D., Bischof Vukušić S., Flinčec Grgac S., Lozo B., Banić D.; Flame Retardancy of Paper Obtained with Environmentally Friendly Agents. FIBRES & TEXTILES in Eastern Europe 2009, Vol. 17, No. 3 (74) pp. 90-94.

Published in issue no 3 (74) / 2009, pages 90–94.


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