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Forming Conditions and Mechanical Properties of Potato Starch Films

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Presented herein are the results of investigations into the preparation of starch solutions and casting of film thereof. It was found that a dissolving temperature of 95 °C, time of 60 minutes, and the use of a special agitator system allowed a homogeneous starch solution suitable for film casting to be prepared. Aqueous solutions of commercial starch at up to 25.81% concentration are suitable for the preparation of film. The impact of minerals contained in water on the viscosity of the starch solution and the mechanical properties of the resulting film were examined. The dynamic viscosity of the aqueous starch solutions was in the range of 2.15 to 28.1 Pas at 89 °C. It was shown that water with a high mineral content is highly suitable for the preparation of starch aqueous solutions with lowered viscosity. The increase in relative humidity of the air results in a decrease in mechanical strength and increase in elongation at maximal stress of the film. The prepared starch film was characterised by the following parameter ranges: thickness of 20-149 ěm, strength of 24.8-51.8 MPa, and elongation at maximal stress of 3.7-7.4%.

Tags: potato starch film, aqueous solutions, mechanical properties, moisture sorption, molecular characteristics.

Published in issue no 6 (71) / 2008, pages 106–112.


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