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The Transition Phase in Polyethylenes – WAXS and Raman Investigations

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The existence of the third, transition component, apart from the crystalline and amorphous phases, in polyethylenes has already been proved in several papers. In this work, the WAXS patterns of polyethylenes with various branch contents were analysed, aiming at the best method of accounting for the third phase in the procedure of decomposition of the patterns into crystalline peaks and amorphous scattering. It appeared that the best result was obtained when we assumed that the intermediate phase is represented by two peaks located close to the crystalline reflections (110) and (200), on the left sides of these reflections. The calculations performed have shown that both the density and the mass fraction of this intermediate third phase decrease continuously with increasing 1-octene content. A comparison of the mass fractions of the three phases has shown that the total mass fractions of the crystalline and transition phases determined with the WAXS and Raman methods coincide very well; however, the values obtained for each individual phase do not agree with one another.

Tags: WAXS, Raman spectroscopy, transition phase, crystallinity, polyethylene.

Published in issue no 6 (71) / 2008, pages 57–62.


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