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Evaluation of the Effect of Anti-Mite Fabric on the Well-Being of Patients with a Mite Allergy

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House dust mites are a major allergen responsible for chronic year-long allergic rhinitis and bronchial asthma. The avoidance and elimination of allergens from the house environment is a causal activity; however, the effectiveness of many available methods of mite elimination as well as the reduction of their proliferation are still being analysed and discussed. The aim of the study was to evaluate the effect of anti-mite fabric on the well-being of patients with allergic rhinitis and/or asthma. The polypropylene fabric tested contained boric acid as an active agent vs. the fabric without an active agent (placebo). Thirty seven patients with a diagnosed mite allergy participated in the study. Clinical assessment, abrasion test, patch tests, and evaluation of the mite allergen concentration in the patient’s bed were used in this research, as well as a questionnaire subjectively estimating the method of anti-mite prophylaxis and visual analogue scale of the general well-being applied. The fabric did not produce allergic reactions in patients allergic to house dust mites in neither the abrasive test nor the patch tests. When the active fabric was used, a statistically significant decrease in mite guanine was observed. In the total assessment of the patients (a single assessment on completion of the study), no clear differences were detected in the severity of symptoms during active fabric use vs. placebo. In the everyday score evaluation in the visual analogue scale, a significant improvement was found in the well-being of the active group.

Tags: house dust mites, mite allergy, mite elimination, anti-mite fabric, effectiveness of mite elimination.

Published in issue no 4 (69) / 2008, pages 121–125.


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