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Investigation of Moisture Management and Air Permeability Properties of Fabrics with Linen and Linen-Polyester Blend Yarns

Research and development


  • Çeven Erhan Kenan
    Department of Textile Engineering, University of Uludag, Uludag, Turkey
  • Karakan Günaydin Gizem
    Program of Fashion Design, Buldan Vocational Training School, Pamukkale University, Denizli, Turkey

Nr DOI: 10.5604/01.3001.0012.1311

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This paper has focused on moisture   management (MMT) and air permeability properties of fabrics produced from linen (100%) and linen-polyester yarns (80% polyester and 20% linen) at different weft densities. In the experimental study, eighteen different types of fabrics composed of six different weft yarns with three levels of weft density (weft density of 8,10 &12 pick/cm for 100% linen fabrics and 14,16,18 pick/cm for polyester-linen fabrics) were selected in order to determine the influence of weft density and yarn structural parameters (number of yarn folds) on moisture management as well as  air permeability properties. The following weft yarns were selected: 104/1 tex, 104/2 tex & 104/3 tex for 100% linen and  41/1 tex, 41/2 tex & 41/3 tex for 80% Polyester – 20% linen fabrics, whereas the warp yarn was  constant - 50/1 tex 100% linen for all fabric types. Satin type fabrics were subjected to moisture management tests and  air permeability tests as well. According to test results, it was determined that some of the moisture management  (wetting time, absorption rate (%/s) and one-way accumulative transport index of the fabrics’ top surfaces and bottom surfaces) and  air permeability properties were significantly affected by the number of yarn folds and the weft density at a 0.05 significance level.


comfort properties, moisture management properties, linen fabric, polyester-linen fabric, air permeability.


Çeven EK, Karakan Günaydin G. Investigation of Moisture Management and Air Permeability Properties of Fabrics with Linen and Linen-Polyester Blend Yarns. FIBRES & TEXTILES in Eastern Europe 2018; 26, 4(130): 39-47. DOI: 10.5604/01.3001.0012.1311

Published in issue no 4 (130) / 2018, pages 39–47.


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