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New Representation of the Fabric Weave Factor

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To design woven fabrics and select the parameters of their structure, it is always necessary to evaluate the two dimensional matrix of the weave by one factor. In this artice possibilities of the employment of the fabric weave factors P and P1 proposed by V. Milašius are presented. In Brierley’s theory weave factor Fm is calculated with different means of index m depending on the type of weave. The index m is estimated in an experimental way. Weave factors P and P1 are calculated directly from the weave matrix and have excellent correlation with the experimental factor Fm. They cover most of the weaves used but can not be employed for calculating the factors of weaves which are very unbalanced. The aim and innovation of this investigation is the exploration of the employment of factors P and P1 for all one-layer weaves, including very unbalanced ones. Experimental investigations were made on the basis of Brierley’s theory; the maximum pick density was found in an original, more precise way. A suggestion was made to evaluate the integrated weave factor P’ by different weights of the factors calculated in the warp and weft directions and by adding this to the formulas of unbalancing factor U. It was also presumed that for balanced weaves the newly calculated factor P’ must be equal to P. The model that is proposed shows excellent correlation between experimental and theoretical values of the new weave factor.

Tags: woven fabrics, weave factor, pick density, unbalanced weave.

Published in issue no 4 (69) / 2008, pages 48–51.


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