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Comparison of Selected Chemical Properties of Fibres from Different Breeds of Dogs and German Blackface Sheep

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Nr DOI: 10.5604/12303666.1215522

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Combed or picked out dog hair fibre, as one of the protein fibres, could be used in yarn manufacturing. Dog hair fibres have a specific scale structure, shape and distribution on the surface. Results obtained indicated that same dog hair fibre fragmented and interrupted the continuous whole and continuous kemp medulla inside. Thus it is necessary to find differences between sheep wool and dog hair fibres as well as between different dog breeds in other areas. In this research, the crystal and chemical structures, macro-chain confirmation and surface morphology of sheep wool and dog hair fibres from different breeds were investigated through identifying variations between thus protein fibres. FTIR analysis showed that the absorbing peaks of sheep’s wool around 2920 cm–1 and 2850 cm–1 are more intense and sharper than those in the IR spectrum of dog hair fibre. Other peaks of the dog hair spectra are more intensive and have a bigger areal. Values of the crystallinity degree and indexes are different not only between sheep wool and dog hair fibres, but also among hairs of the different dog breeds too. The percentage amounts of carbon, hydrogen and nitrogen in sheep wool and dog hair fibres are of the same order of magnitude. However, the content of elements in the cortex of sheep wool and dog hair fibres varies, especially that of sulphur and oxygen, which varies by about two times among the different protein fibres.


dog hair fibre, chemical structure, surface morphology, elemental analysis, crystallinity.


Ragaišienė A, Rusinavičiūtė J, Milašienė D, Ivanauskas R. Comparison of Selected Chemical Properties of Fibres from Different Breeds of Dogs and German Blackface Sheep.FIBRES & TEXTILES in Eastern Europe 2016; 24, 5(119): 21-28. DOI: 10.5604/12303666.1215522

Published in issue no 5 (119) / 2016, pages 21–28.


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