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Influence of Technological Parameters on the Periodical Effects of Fancy Yarns

Research and development


  • Petrulyte Salvinija
    Department of Textile Technology, Faculty of Design and Technologies, Kaunas University of Technology, Kaunas, Lithuania

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The effects of fancy yarn formation in one process can be controlled by the choice of the main factors connected to this process, like the speed of fancy yarn production, the speed of supply of the effect component, and the speed of the hollow spindles. The object of this study was fancy yarn of complex structure that had two linen yarns as ‘effect’ components. Analysis of the results indicated that the variables investigated influence the number of effects per unit length of fancy yarn and are significant because they determine the character and kind of fancy yarn effect. Periodical fancy effects were also investigated, such as open loop, arc, loop/knot, plain knot, extended knot made of dense coils, snarl, and long knot made of dense coils, including their intercombinations. The mathematical models obtained were investigated from an informative point of view. It was concluded that the mathematical model, which expresses the relationship between the number of effects of open loop - arc in the unit of fancy yarn length and the technological parameters of fancy yarn manufacturing, is informative and, therefore, interpreted further. The model obtained enables to forecast the geometry of the effects of fancy yarns, and it also allows to design new fancy yarns with the desired structure.

Tags: fancy yarns, technological parameters, effects, forecasting, mathematical model.

Published in issue no 3 (68) / 2008, pages 25–29.


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