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Study on Woven Fabric Structure Using 3D Computer Image Analysis for In-Depth Identification of Thread Channels

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A computer program - Textile3D to study the structure and identify the channels in woven fabrics in a 3D system was developed. Adaptation of a stand for computer image analysis was performed and a not-destructive method of testing channels between threads for woven fabrics (clothing) of low value of thickness and surface mass was developed. The following parameters of channels were determined: channel height Z in μm, spacing surface area P in μm2, and the angle of channel deviation from the vertical position α in °. The woven fabric spacing surface area factor ξ (ksi ) was introduced, which determines the ratio of the channel spacing surface area to the total area of woven fabric, taking into consideration channels in the 3D system. For a single channel and for the entire image of woven fabric observed, the approximate volume based on the channel spacing surface area and the angle of channel deviation from the vertical position as well as the very channel length were defined. Various channel spacing surface areas were obtained for the same woven fabrics. The median value of the angle of channel inclination for the woven fabrics tested ranged unit 19.300-36.510. Channel lengths are proportional to the thickness of woven fabric and are greater than the said thickness. The approximate size of the channel volume depends more on the size of the spacing surface area, and to a lesser extent, on the channel length. The method of channel analysis developed allows to refer to a greater diversity of fabric structures and to make greater use of their properties. It is also a prognostic for appropriate programming of voids in woven fabrics to optimise the flow of various media (air, moisture and under special conditions various types of electromagnetic radiation such as IR).


strain state of fibre, fibre slippage, mutual displacement, compressive stress, axial stress, twist angle.


Polipowski M, Więcek P, Więcek B, Jasińska I. Study on Woven Fabric Structure Using 3D Computer Image Analysis for In-Depth Identification of Thread Channels. FIBRES & TEXTILES in Eastern Europe 2015; 23, 2(110): 33-39.

Published in issue no 2 (110) / 2015, pages 33–39.


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