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Insertion of Electrospun Nanofibres into the Inner Structure of Textiles

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It is well known that a web formed by the electrospinning process can be easily damaged. The main idea of this work was to insert a web of nanofibres into the inner structure of a knitted fabric and in this way protect the web from mechanical damage. Our goal was to fix this nanofibrous web between the thread systems of the knit. This method should make inter relations of the web with the supporting material much stronger than simply covering the surface of the knit, and such material with nanofibres can be more widely used for healthcare textile. In this work yarns, nonwovens and knitted fabrics were covered by a layer of PA6 nanofibres using “Nanospider TM” equipment. It was found that nanofibres with the same diameter had been deposited on the nonwoven as well as on the cotton yarns, and the diameter of nanofibres on the knit was 30 % thicker. It is very important that the technological process of knitting does not damage the electrospun web deposited on the yarns, and that knitted fabric manufactured from covered yarns include nanofibrous components in the inner structure of the knit. What is more, during the knitting process, migration of fibres in the yarn occurs. This phenomenon is very well known in spinning and is a very positive aspect as the nanofibrous web on the yarns partly migrates into the inner structure of the yarns, which means that the nanofibrous web in some parts has been covered by the main fibres of the yarn. It was estimated that it is possible to insert a web of nanofibres into the inner structure of the knitted fabric and fix this web between the thread system as well as to partly insert it into the inner structure of the yarns.


polyamide nanofibres, electrospinning, knitted fabric.


Ragaišienė A, Rukuižienė Ž, Mikučionienė D, Milašius R. Insertion of Electrospun Nanofibres into the Inner Structure of Textiles. FIBRES & TEXTILES in Eastern Europe 2014; 22, 6(108): 59-62.

Published in issue no 6 (108) / 2014, pages 59–62.


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