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Genetic Studies of Wood Structure Using an Optical Fibre Analyser

Research and development


  • Klisz Marcin
    Department of Silviculture and Genetics, Forest Research Institute, Sękocin Stary, Poland
  • Wojda Tomasz (j/w)

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An automatic fibre size analyser - KajaaniFiberLab was used in studies designed to examine and analyse the genetic basis of fibre size variability. Fast and accurate measurement in accordance with the standards may, however, give incorrect results due to errors associated with the multi-staged maceration of wood samples to obtain disintegrated fibre water suspension. Errors in fibre size estimation may occur throughout studies of the increment cores of living trees. Nevertheless the results obtained from the Kajaani analyser allow for the estimation of fibre sizes (length, width and cell wall thickness) with a precision comparable to that in studies using traditional measurement techniques, which is why these results may be used to estimate genetic parameters of the traits mentioned - heritability and genetic correlation. Such parameters are applied when making decisions concerning the management of forest stands and plantations of fast-growing trees. On the basis of the results of measurements of the biometric parameters of fibres, we obtained high values of genetic parameters (heritability and genetic correlations) for the traits of the European larch analysed. Those results allow for the achievement, with a high level of probability,of the breeding objective through selection directed at the improvement of the properties of timber produced in plantations of fast-growing trees.


optical analyzer, fibre length, genetic parameters, wood quality of European larch.


Klisz M, Wojda T. Genetic Studies of Wood Structure Using an Optical Fibre Analyser. FIBRES & TEXTILES in Eastern Europe 2014; 22, 4(106): 117-120.

Published in issue no 4 (106) / 2014, pages 117–120.


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