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Effects of Knowledge Management on Supply Chain Management in the Clothing Sector: Turkish Case

General problems of the fibre and textile industries


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The clothing sector, which has a significant place in the Turkish economy due to its export potential, procurement of income and employment, is undergoing a restructuring process. True and effective management of the steps during this restructuring process is very important in terms of efficiency, productivity, speed and flexibility. Enterprises have to manage their supply chains and all of their flows effectively in order to be able to meet the desires and expectations of customers as well as to enrich their customer portfolio. At this point, knowledge  management, which contributes to the effective usage of knowledge and knowledge flows, has been represented as a valuable parameter affecting the supply chain management of enterprises. The study aims to present the effects of knowledge management on supply chain management in the clothing sector. Data were obtained from a survey conducted in clothing enterprises that are listed as amongst the 500 biggest in Turkey. Then these data were evaluated by the analytic network process. According to the research results, effective knowledge management elements have positive effects on the performance of the clothing supply chain. Also knowledge creation is the most significant criterion for clothing enterprises.


clothing sector, supply chain management, knowledge management, analytic
network process.


Kanat S, Atilgan T. Effects of Knowledge Management on Supply Chain Management in the Clothing Sector: Turkish Case. FIBRES & TEXTILES in Eastern Europe 2014; 22, 1(103): 9-13.

Published in issue no 1 (103) / 2014, pages 9–13.


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