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Aromachology and its Application in the Textile Field

Research and development


  • Wang C. X.
    Institute of Physical Chemistry of Polymers, Technical University of Łódź, Łódź, Poland
  • Chen Sh. L. (j/w)

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A research attempt at obtaining aromatherapic textiles which we carried out is presented, together with the broad background of research into aromachology investigation. We developed aromatherapic textiles using the fragrance with β-cyclodextrin inclusion compounds. The sedative effects for emotion and the pharmaceutical effects of essential oils are presented in detail, on the basis of the achievements of aromachology and aromatherapy. Research shows that the effects of fragrance on humans are based on a great deal of medical experience. β-cyclodextrin was chosen for the aromatherapic textile as host molecule, because it exhibits qualities which are beneficial for the human body. β-cyclodextrins molecules are capable of forming inclusion compounds with fragrances that fit into the cone-shaped hydrophobic cavity. As a result, the release-fragrance rates are greatly decreased. The fragrance inclusion compounds are fixed onto cotton with a low temperature binder by the conventional pad-thermofixed method. The fragrance-release rates are related to the nature of the fragrance oils themselves. The results of sensorial evaluations show that the perfume of fabric is sensed for over 30 days. An aromatherapic textile could be achieved by means of the fragrance with β-cyclodextrin inclusion compounds in this way.


Aroma-chology, aromatherapy textile, pharmacological effects, physiological effects, perfume microcapsule

Published in issue no 6 (54) / 2005, pages 41–44.


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