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Alternative Test Methods for Assessing Mechanical Properties of Disposable Diapers

Research and development


  • Yaman Neckar
    Textile Engineering Department, Faculty of Engineering, Ege University, Izmir, Turkey
  • Senol M. F.
    Department of Textile Engineering, Faculty of Engineering, Usnak University, Usak, Turkey
  • Tayyar A. Ebru (j/w)

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It is essential to examine the mechanical properties of disposable diapers that contact the skin and affect the dermatitis of babies and infants. Until now, the KES-F system has been used to determine the mechanical properties of disposable diapers. In this study, alternative methods are used to measure the mechanical properties of disposable diapers. We examined, in both dry and wet conditions, the coefficient of friction (MIU), the mean deviation of coefficient of friction (MMD), and the surface roughness (SMD) obtained from the friction tests, the compressional energy (WC), the compressional resilience (RC), and the linearity of compression curve (LC) obtained from the compression tests, the coefficient of heat transfer (K), and the maximum value of heat flux (q) obtained from the heat transfer tests, and the thickness (T) and the weight (W) obtained from the construction tests. The KES-F system has also been used for compression and friction tests for comparative reason. The contents of leakage performance were tested with wetback, absorption area, absorption capacity and retention capacity tests. After wetting, it appeared that while the MIU, MMD, SMD, and LC values increase, the RC values decrease in both the KES-F system and alternative methods. The results obtained from the KES-F system and the alternative methods demonstrate different characteristics, due to the differences in measurement techniques.


disposable diapers, mechanical parameters, friction tests, compression tests, heat transfer tests.

Published in issue no 2 (61) / 2007, pages 80–84.


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