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Linking Yarns from Staple and Filament Fibres by High-Efficiency Pneumatic Interlucing. Part I: Factors Influencing the Linking Effect and Properties of Interlaced Yarns. Analysis of Tensile Strength Parameters

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The linking of yarns manufactured from staple and filament fibres, as well as only from staple fibres by the technique of high-efficient pneumatic interlucing was the subject of investigations commenced at the Textile Research Institute. This technique, well known and generally used for linking mono- and multifilament yarns, is relatively new considering staple yarns. A broad range of new construction designs and technological investigations allowed the identification of factors influencing the effect of pneumatic interlucing and the properties of the linked yarns obtained by this technique. The influence of the kind of interlucing pneumatic nozzles, as well as of such parameters as the speed and pressure of the air acting in the nozzle, tensions of the linked yarns, and the kind and properties of the component yarns were investigated. Estimation of the existing dependences was carried out on the basis of the following yarn parameters: tensile breaking strength, elongation at break, unevenness of linear density, the number of faults, hairiness, and as well as the estimation of the interlucing cohesiveness, a new parameter which was assessed according to a method elaborated at the Textile Research Institute through innovative investigations. Part I of the article includes analyses of the influence of selected parameters on the tensile strength properties of linked filament – staple yarns, whereas Part II presents an analysis of hairiness, the unevenness of linear density, the number of faults, and the interlucing cohesiveness. The investigation carried out by us indicated the dependencies of all the process parameters tested, such as the speed of air-flow and air pressure, the construction design of the nozzles, and the properties of the component yarns on the linked yarn properties.

Tags: filament yarns, staple yarns, linking, pneumatic interlucing, interlucing nozzle, pneumatically linked yarns, breaking strength, elongation at break, cohesiveness.

Published in issue no 1 (66) / 2008, pages 37–43.


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