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Influence of the Weave Factor on the Character of Fabric Wicking Measured by a Multiple Probe Vertical Wicking Tester done by hand. Free access to a

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Various factors such as the raw material of fibre, its linear density, thread density, fabric construction, finish and even the weave type of fabric influence fabric wickability. In this article, the influence of fabric weave, expressed by weave factor P1, on fabric wicking is analysed. Weaves are distributed into two groups,i. e. weaves, the floats of which are distributed in even intervals throughout the entire surface of the fabric, and horizontally striped weaves. The wickability properties of all the fabrics tested were determined using a newly developed multi-probe vertical wicking tester. It was determined that the dependencies of fabric wicking in fabrics of these weave groups on factor P1 are different. After analysing the dependence of the fabric wicking of individual groups on weave factor P1, we observed that the results of the rate of wicking horizontally striped fabrics are higher than those of weaves with evenly distributed floats. The rate of wicking increases with an increase in factor P1 for evenly distributed floats, and the determination coefficient of the equation is high compared with horizontally striped fabrics. After evaluating all the weaves, we can affirm that the dependence between fabric wicking and weave factor P1 was not established.  

Tags: multi probe vertical wicking, weave factor, wickability properties.

Citation: Ramesh Babu V., Koushik C. V., Lakshmikantha C. B., Subramaniam V.; Influence of the Weave Factor on the Character of Fabric Wicking Measured by a Multiple Probe Vertical Wicking Tester. FIBRES & TEXTILES in Eastern Europe 2011, Vol. 19, No. 5 (88) pp. 60-63.

Published in issue no 5 (88) / 2011, pages 60–63.


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