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Effect of Agri-Environmental Conditionson the Degradation of SpunbondedPolypropylene Nonwoven with a Photoactivator in Mulched Organically Managed Zucchini

Research and development


  • Bucki Piotr
    Department of Vegetable and Medicinal Plants, Faculty of Biotechnology and Horticulture, University of Agriculture in Krakow, Kraków, Poland
  • Siwek Piotr (j/w)
  • Domagała-Świątkiewicz Iwona
    Unit of Plant Nutrition, Institute of Plant Biology and Biotechnology, Faculty of Biotechnology and Horticulture, University of Agriculture in Krakow, Kraków, Poland
  • Puchalski Michał
    Center of Advanced Technologies of Human Friendly Textiles PRO HUMANO TEX, Department of Material and Commodity Sciencs and Textile Metrology, Technical University of Lodz, Łódź, Poland

Nr DOI: 10.5604/01.3001.0011.5739

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An experiment with non-degradable and degradable soil mulching materials in zucchini cultivation was carried out in 2016 and 2017 in the organic field of the Vegetable Experimental Station, Agricultural University of Kraków. Two kinds of polypropylene (PP)  nonwoven of 50 g m-2 were used: PP standard and PP with 0.1% photoactivator. The control treatment were plots without mulching. The marketable yield obtained in 2016 was 21% and 15% higher on the plots mulched with PP nonwoven and PP nonwoven with a photoactivator, respectively, in comparison with the non-covered plots. Mulching the soil with  PP nonwoven increased the water resistance index of the soil structure in comparison with the Control and  photodegradable PP nonwoven mulch. The progress of degradation over a two-month period showed a 40% reduction in the mass of the PP nonwoven with a photoactivator, and at the end of vegetation the mass of the PP nonwoven used was 52% lower than that of a new one. Tensile parameters of the PP nonwovens and their supramolecular structure were measured.


photodegradation, polypropylene nonwoven, zucchini, soil mulching, organic farming.


Bucki P, Siwek P, Domagała-Świątkiewicz I, Puchalski M . Effect of Agri-Environmental Conditions on the Degradation of Spunbonded Polypropylene Nonwoven with a Photoactivator in Mulched Organically Managed Zucchini. FIBRES & TEXTILES in Eastern Europe 2018; 26, 2(128): 55-60. DOI: 10.5604/01.3001.0011.5739

Published in issue no 2 (128) / 2018, pages 55–60.


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