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Fabrication of Pure Electrospun Materials from Hyaluronic Acid

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Nr DOI: 10.5604/01.3001.0010.1688

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The aim of the research was to develop optimal conditions for manufacturing materials based on hyaluronic acid by the electrospun method. The studies were composed of three stages: the process of selection of the optimal solvent (mixture of solvents), the molecular weight of hyaluronic acid, and the concentration of biopolymer in the spinning solution. The influence of variable parameters on the rheological properties of the spinning solutions and electrospinning trails was tested. Depending on the electrospinning regime applied, the fibers obtained were characterised by a diameter of the order of 20 to 400 nm. As a result of the development works presented, an optimal molecular weight of the polymer, its concentration and system of solvents were determined, together with process parameters, ensuring a stable electrospinning process and relatively homogeneous nanofibers. Additionally studies on the residues of solvents used during electrosun formation were done and parameters of drying of the final materials were examined. This approach (verification of the presence oforganic solvent residue in the nanofibrous formed) is important for the suitability of nanofibres as scaffolds for regenerative medicine. This study provides an opportunity for the understanding and identification of process parameters, allowing for predictable manufacturing nanofibers based on natural biopolymers, which makes it tremendously beneficial in terms of customisation.


biocompatible polymers, natural polymers, biomimetism, biomimetic scaffolds, regenerative medicine, electrospinning, hyaluronic acid.


Pabjanczyk-Wlazlo E, Krucinska I, Chrzanowski M, Szparaga G, Chaberska A, Kolesinska B, Komisarczyk A, Bogun M. Fabrication of Pure Electrospun Materials from Hyaluronic Acid. FIBRES & TEXTILES in Eastern Europe 2017; 25, 3(123): 45-52. DOI: 10.5604/01.3001.0010.1688

Published in issue no 3 (123) / 2017, pages 45–52.


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