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Chemical Modification of Starch-Protein Material Performed in Order to Obtain a Half Product for Thermoplastic Processing

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Nr DOI: 10.5604/12303666.1221754

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This article presents the results of tests which were carried out on a starch-protein biomaterial produced from wheat. The research was performed in order to assess optimal conditions for performing the chemical modification (acetylation and oxidation reactions) and its influence on the physico-chemical properties of the new biomaterial. Modifying agents were acetic acid anhydride with the presence of NaOH and K2CO3 activators as well as hydrogen peroxide, whose effects were catalysed with Cu2+ ions. Modified polymers with a degrees of substitution from 0.38 to 2.45 and oxidation from 1.0 to 35% were obtained in the process. The polymers obtained were characterized with various levels of starch degradation, minimal when the acetylation reaction activated with the K2CO3 method was used, moderate to high when the acetylation reaction was activated by NaOH, and maximal starch degradation was observed when oxidation was catalysed with Cu2+ ions. The modified polymers  showed minor thermal granulation abilities and did not achieve thermoplastic abilities. Evaluation of the modification effects was carried out with absorption spectroscopy in infra-red radiation with the Fourier transformation (FTIR) technique, DSC, scanning electron microscopy and determining the  boundary viscosity value.


chemical modification, starch, wheat, acetylation, oxidation, material properties.


Janiga M, Stufka-Olczyk J, Milczarek A, Michniewicz M, Ciechańska D, Tomaszewski W, Gutowska A, Kapuśniak J. Chemical Modification of Starch-Protein Material Performed in Order to Obtain a Half Product for Thermoplastic Processing. FIBRES & TEXTILES in Eastern Europe  2016; 24, 6(120): 189-195. DOI: 10.5604/12303666.1221754

Published in issue no 6 (120) / 2016, pages 189–195.


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